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Bring back the choir

This is in response to the article about “Cut out the praise bands” (Monday, Nov. 29’s Page A7 Sound Off). You know, I like that because here’s how I feel about it: It’s almost like an endurance test when they have us stand there for 15 minutes. It’s like the “Survivor” TV show — you know, who’s going to give up first? Then it’s also like a “guess that tune,” because they’re playing tunes that we don’t know. So I wish they’d get back to maybe a choir or be more realistic. I mean, we’re in our 70s and I know they’re trying to get young people into the services at church, but I think this is really the wrong way.

Playing footloose with the gospel

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This is in response to the Sound Off on Nov. 29 regarding praise bands (Page A7). My wife and I have lived in Citrus County for eight years. During the first three years, we visited 24 churches. We could have put up with loud, raucous music, but what has turned us off is the way every church is playing footloose and fancy-free with the gospel. We take Christianity seriously and don’t go to church for fun. When churches get back to the Bible, we’ll get back to church.

State should better fund schools

This is about the editorial on Tuesday, Nov. 30 (Page A13). In the editorial, you pointed out how the school district staff is getting small raises or perhaps bonus checks and you suggested that we look into other funding sources to plan ahead so that we don’t lose teachers. I ask you, why don’t you call out the state legislators who are not funding our schools better? This is an ongoing problem. By the way, I would also ask that you print the names of our state legislators just like you print the names and contact information for the county commissioners. Again, this is a state legislative problem.

Advisory too late

(Re the Wednesday, Dec. 1, Page C1 brief, “Apply for the Veterans Services Advisory Board,” “Due Dec. 2”): The Chronicle advisory about a local veterans opportunity for a county service should have been more timely. Local veterans organizations are unlikely to respond with only 24 hours notice.

Editor’s note: The notice has been running for weeks.

Gas cheaper in Ocala

I’m responding to Sound Off. I had to go to Sam’s Club. On the way home, I stopped in Ocala to get gas at $3.05 a gallon while here in Citrus County, the cheapest I’ve seen was $3.25 to $3.35. Amazing, $3.05 for gas, but not in Citrus County.

Traffic signals not timed correctly

I just want to know why the traffic signals on Grover Cleveland and Homosassa Trail heading north and south are not timed correctly.

Decision makes no sense

Every business in the Beverly Hills Plaza benefits from Living Water Ministries Thrift Store. Why would a prominent businessman remove the store that generated income for him? As a friend of mine would say, this makes no sense. Everybody from all walks of life visited that store, received prayers from the pastor and were fed by the food pantry. It makes no sense.

A sign of the times

This has got to be a sign of the times. In (a restaurant), the waitress stands up in front of the entire restaurant and pretty much yells out she doesn’t need this job, she’s only here for chump change and she doesn’t need your dollar or $5. She doesn’t need this job, she’s there for chump change, she’s married and has a husband that pays all her bills. This is a restaurant in public and the waitress stands up, a lady — unbelievable! I don’t know what her coworkers thought, but if she doesn’t need the job, let somebody else have it that needs it in this day and time.

Disgraceful amount of litter

This county is a disgrace, a disgusting disgrace of litter and trash along our beautiful roadways. The county commissioners need to stand up and notice how disgusting the problem is. The dump along (U.S.) 41 is a disgrace. They don’t cover their trash on a daily basis. There’s trash up and down (State Road) 44 like you’ve never seen before and it’s there for days, if not weeks. So the county commissioners need to fund and get educating the people and clean up this stinkin’ mess.

No road construction, despite sign

Here’s a good question for Citrus County: Well over a month ago, a sign went up on (County Road) 486 saying that road construction would start Nov. 1. Well, now it is Dec. 1. The sign is still up, still says the same thing and absolutely nothing has been done to the road. So what in the world is going on?

The problem is low wages

There was an article about Inverness building low-income housing. It’s kind of ironic because if the employers in Inverness and elsewhere paid a living wage so that people could afford housing at the going rate, our economy would be in such good shape. It’s ironic that we’re building low-income housing when we pay people low incomes.