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Put party boat dock at Barge Canal

About Tuesday, April 6’s Sound Off, “Bring back the party fishing boat”: If our BOCC has not done so, I would suggest dockage space along the Barge Canal for several party boats for a Gulf of Mexico fishing ala Tarpon Springs. That 70-mile drive to Tarpon Springs is just too far for Citrus County residents. I would welcome a party boat like the Crystal River Apollo of years ago.

Barge Canal boat ramp great news

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(Re the Wednesday, April 7, 2021, front-page story, “New boat ramp to open by 2024,” “New ramp to be constructed at Barge Canal”): Finally, Citrus County is ramping up. The announcement of the 10-lane boat ramp at the Barge Canal is the newsmaker of 2021. These 10 launch lanes will bring Citrus County up from the second-lowest number lanes per boater in Florida, well up the scale by 2024. Kudos to everyone contributing to these 10 eventual ramp lanes for our boaters in Citrus County.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be

(Re the Wednesday, April 7, 2021, front-page story, “Lee Lockley: Man of joy, laughter”): In regards to your article this morning about Lee Lockley, I wish every person in the world could read that article and let them know that’s the way it’s supposed to be and they should work towards that goal.

Modern boat ramp will be a dream

(Re the Wednesday, April 7, 2021, front-page story): Citrus County’s infrastructure at its best. Thank you, Michael D. Bates and Chronicle, for the factual story of the future 10-lane boat ramp at the 50-year-old Barge Canal, aka “ditch of dreams.” This modern boat ramp is truly a dream, pure and simple, for the boaters of the area and the boating industry. Together with the bike trails and other recreational assets in place at the old “ditch,” this new addition will serve Citrus County and the surrounding area well. Truly one of the big stories in my 48-plus years of reading the Chronicle. Keep up the good work.

Set up a meeting with the sheriff

This is in reference to Wednesday, April 7’s Sound Off wherein the caller said that deputies are blocking the entrance to his business. What I would suggest is to call the sheriff’s office and very firmly say that you would like to set up a meeting with the sheriff. This way you can voice your complaint, because typically I don’t think people respond very well to emails. So please, you know, initiate that. That is your right to speak directly to the sheriff and I think that you will get some action.

More traffic fines, no more taxes

Here’s another solution to how we get our roads fixed: Instead of a penny tax or that stimulus money that came for us, how about Sheriff Prendergast get back out there on (U.S.) 19 between Homosassa and Crystal River? I was on my way to Bayfront this morning to get my surgery about 7 o’clock and I could not believe that cars were going by me — workers out there with everything on the road – doing 65, 70 mph. Heck, I was doing 50, but this is ridiculous. Start pulling those people over, give those tickets and fix the roads. But you can’t do it if you don’t get them out there and Prendergast is not doing it.

Dead grass in Sugarmill Woods

I live in Sugarmill Woods and I’m noticing a lot of dead grass. I don’t mean from lack of water; I mean it looks like somebody burned it or sprayed it or something. It’s just dead all over. I just wonder what’s going on. Is this a spray company or what’s going on here? Just lots of dead grass and I mean dead — brown all over, just like someone burned it. Can anyone shed any light on this? And we have a deed restriction that requires to have green grass here.

Spend money on adult education

I see Citrus County leaders are trying to decide how to spend our stimulus money. I have a suggestion: How about an adult education class?...