Don’t drink and dial

(Re the Nov. 22 Sound Off, “Sober drivers cause most wrecks”): This is my response to the post several days ago stating that intoxicated drivers are safer than sober drivers. I believe this proves that some people should be required to take a Breathalyzer before calling Sound Off. Please don’t drink and dial.

Confidence in retail hub

(Re the Sunday, Nov. 24, front-page Commentary column, “Economic opportunity a ‘sweet spot’”): I wanted to say that I have so much confidence after I read Mr. Damato’s assessment as to where the retail hub will be here in Citrus County after the completion of the Suncoast Parkway. I mean, look at the fabulous job he did with getting us tenants at Meadowcrest.

It looks like a small city

Thank you, Sound Off and Chronicle, for printing my phone-in in (Nov. 25), “They’re paving paradise” at Liberty Park. Tonight I was coming back a little after dark on (State Road) 44 from Wildwood to Inverness — I guess that’s east to west — and I looked across the lake, where you get to the 45 mph zone by the curves before the VFW, and what do I see? It looks like the freakin’ city over there now, it’s so lit up. Now it looks like a small city over there. I liked to look over at the nice lake and see trees and see darkness in the sky off in the distance. ... It’s just a park, supposedly, which means grass and throwing Frisbees, but nope, that’s not enough for our king.

You completely missed the point

The media said 20% of Citrus County is functionally illiterate. That statement was confirmed by the Nov. 25 Sound Off, “Are you willing to pay for it?” — which completely missed the point. My Sound Off that he or she referred to was written just to explain one advantage of a bike tunnel vs. an overpass. Never did I say I’m a current cyclist, as was presumed throughout that Nov. 25 Sound Off, which incredibly scolded me for not wanting to pay my fair share. Most of us in our mid 80s no longer ride bikes, but I still pay taxes to support those who do. I also contribute time and money directly to the biking community.

Ballet was fantastic

I’m just calling to thank the Citrus County Chronicle for bringing the Moscow Ballet’s Christmas Nutcracker presentation to the Curtis Peterson Auditorium last night. It was fantastic. Thank you, Chronicle.

People don’t patronize the mall

I’m calling Sound Off in reference to the Crystal River Mall’s sadly empty. Well, sorry to say, at one time we had a JCPenney in there, a Belks and a Kmart. It was thriving and then it started to decrease because the people of Citrus County did not want to patronize those stores, so they moved on. Kmart went out of business and they moved on. So there’s really not much, with the exception of Rural King. ... So unfortunately, that’s why it’s empty. People don’t patronize it. We had it, they were here and now they’re gone and don’t expect them back.

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