It’s really deed suggestions

I couldn’t agree with the caller more in regards to Pine Ridge (in the May 18 Sound Off, “Enforcing deed restrictions”). We’ve been residents for seven years now and have seen it steadily decline. For some reason, our board has this idea that I guess we are more prestigious by having what they call a property manager when, in fact, all we would need is an office manager who could basically achieve the same thing for half the price. I also tell people that the signs at either end say “Deed Restrictions,” when in fact, it means “Deed Suggestions.” They basically have no power whatsoever to enforce the supposed restrictions. Also, the property manager must come in by way of helicopter because it doesn’t matter what road you drive to the community center, there are violations.

You should be licensed to rent

(Re the May 19 front-page story, “Citrus has plan for rentals”): I’m responding to Sound Off (about) the rentals. First of all, I don’t think it should be done. But I have a concern here because I’m reading about this person who has four rentals in Homosassa and agrees that precautions are necessary, but her concerns are more with them maybe getting in a situation where they start doing licenses for them to do the rentals. She don’t want the licenses to do rentals. I think they should have a license to do rentals. I think all of them should. ... She has four rentals but don’t want to get a license. Now I think that’s wrong.

It was a joke

This is in response of “My beer cans are piling up.” People out there, I read the “Hot Corner” this morning (May 19) and people are like, “He (has) alcoholism and he needs to go to rehab.” People have no sense of humor. That was a joke by the man, if you would learn how to read it. Maybe it is a sign against recycling all being closed, but, you know, my kids used to collect beer cans ad stuff for years. This man just made it humorous, like, “My beer cans are piling up, so I can’t get more beer yet.” That goes to show you how people automatically react with negative thoughts. Do your research and know what humor is.

V-J-Day gardens

Recently, a note was in the Chronicle concerning backyard farming and victory gardens. I was planning a similar subject. That person hit on every point I had contemplated for my note. Excluded were both periods before and after World War II, stock market crashes, the terrible dust storms and drought of the middle West and so on. These events are seared into my memory. Yes, my friend, you’re right in respect to the necessity for local V-J Day garden education. Maybe the Chronicle could assist by means of a series of articles written by a very experienced local author.

Where’d my doctor go?

Where, oh where, has Dr. Hubbard gone? Nobody can find him. We were patients of his — had knees done, shoulders done and all kinds of things — but we can’t find him. There’s a note on the wall in his building that says, “Closed ’til further notice.” There’s a sign outside that says his building is up for lease, but that’s not like him. He’s a very fine gentleman and the best orthopedic man. So if anybody knows where Dr. Hubbard has gone to or where he is — I hope he’s safe and everything — call in and tell us where he’s gone. We need him bad.

Act of kindness made my day

I’m calling to say thank you to the young lady today. When I was out shopping, I was looking at a piece of merchandise and decided I didn’t want it because I didn’t read the tag right. She decided at the register that she was going to go ahead and buy it for me and I would like to thank her very much for buying the product for me. She probably knows who she is. They were a set of sheets. She is a godsend and thank you. Thank you very, very much, young lady. It really made my day.