Marine patrol should address river issues

Today is March 24 and the headline in the Citrus County Chronicle is, “Body recovered after boat accident.” I’m very reluctant to criticize law enforcement, but this is the second major incident on that small river within a week and I think it really needs to be addressed that the marine patrol has to be there slowing down a lot of these boats. The “no wake” zones, like in front of MacRae’s and narrow parts of the river, are absolutely a joke. There’s no use giving people warnings, because they already know it. They’ve got enough signs posted. It’s time they ticket them and start relieving some of the pressure on the river.

Thanks for making shopping run smoothly

I would just like to say thank you to Michael, the manager at Walmart in Lecanto. I went for the seniors’ shopping at 6 o’clock this morning on (March 24). There was a small line, but everything went smoothly. He had his associates there greeting people and offering water to them. So it was a big success, Michael, and thank you for doing that for all of us seniors. I know Walmart’s doing that, but I want to thank you personally for that and tell you what a great job. Also, there were a couple of sheriff’s deputies there to control the crowds. I guess they thought the old people would be getting into a riot or something over food, but one of them certainly could have had a better attitude. Thank you and you all stay safe during this time.

Large crowd of seniors shopping

The news says to stay away from large crowds. This morning, March 24, I went to (a grocery store) to take advantage of the special senior shopping time from 7 to 8 a.m. The parking lot was full, all the carts were taken, the police were there — I guess to keep order — and there was only one door to enter, with a line of shoppers waiting to get in. I looked at all of this and came back home without getting my groceries. No one seemed concerned that there was a crowd they were about to enter. In all the years I have lived here, I’ve never seen this many people in my grocery.

New policy will stop hoarding

This is for all shoppers out there who is hoarding up all paper towels, toilet paper and other things that they really don’t need: All the stores have a new policy when they buy any products like that.

Keep your dogs tied up

I have two public service announcements: The first is for pet owners. Please remember to keep your dogs tied up. Many of us are walking in our neighborhoods now and are being confronted with angry dogs. It’s very unpleasant to be accosted by someone’s loose dog when you’re out for a morning walk. The second thing is just a reminder for people not to try and flush the wipes that they may be using. The pipes will clog, the sewers will clog, the septic tanks will clog and the results won’t be pretty.

County becoming like a big city

When I moved down here 20 years ago from a big city, it was a rare occasion to see anything in the headlines about murders, drugs, etc. The last few years, it seems to be the norm. Every day I look at the headlines — murder, rape, robbery, etc. We’re really getting citified.

I pay, but they don’t pick up

I’m calling Sound Off in reference to, you know, I hear these people complaining about universal trash pickup. Here I pay (a trash hauler) almost $70 a quarter to pick up my trash and it’s become a ritual now that they’ve been missing the pickup days. I called them today because they picked up everybody’s on the street except me. Meanwhile, my bill gets paid and they didn’t even pick up my trash. This is getting to be unbelievable. I wish we had at least 10 companies to choose from. It would make it a lot easier.

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