School will take used cards

I’m calling in reference to the “Anyone need used Christmas cards?” that was in Sound Off (Jan. 11). The elementary school in Floral City makes new cards out of them and uses them for hospitals and for military. So the Floral City Elementary School will accept them and is asking for them. Thanks.

Review the road contract

It’s nice that the Chronicle editorial board recognizes the debacle on (U.S.) 19’s construction. I’ve witnessed it for over three years now. Hardly anybody ever works on it. It’s absolutely absurd. And being in the highway business years ago, it’s double absurd that our tax money is being wasted like that. Every one of those orange barrels is being rented on a daily basis by us, the taxpayers. That’s just one small example of the wasted millions of dollars. How about let’s be proactive here? Could the editorial board get the county commissioners to get the county attorney to write a letter to the state’s attorney and have him review that contract? Is there no performance clause in there? I can’t believe it if there’s not. If there is, they should start taking money from that contractor. Believe me, the project would be finished in a few weeks. We need outside people looking at that contract. The state attorney’s office needs to at least review the contract. Is that too much to ask our county commissioners?

Support group meets in Lecanto

This is in response to the (Sound Off caller) looking for an incest support group in Tuesday’s, Jan. 14 paper. There is one in Lecanto. The contact name and number is Kathy, 352-697-5836. It looks like they meet on Sundays between 6:30 and 7:30 and the website is

The bus came flying by

This afternoon I was driving down (U.S.) 19 in the Crystal River area at 50 mph in the 45 mph speed zone when (a bus) comes flying by me on my left, changing lanes constantly, no turn signals, and then this individual is responsible for picking up and delivering our children and grandchildren. They need to send somebody out there as a rover to observe these drivers.

Bond should be higher

I’m calling Sound Off (about) “For the Record.” Really? There’s a person charged with a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence with an accident and he refused to take a Breathalyzer test and guess what? His bond is set at a measly $1,000. So this idiot, who had an accident while driving under the influence and refused a Breathalyzer, gets out on $100. Where’s the justice?

Editor’s note: A bond is to ensure a defendant returns for the court date, not to act a a punishment.

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