Take the offer or leave it

On your court section article (Feb.11, Page A2), I think it’s deplorable where this inmate or felon denied or rejected the prosecutor’s offer of 15 years in prison. ... He wants to renegotiate. He don’t want the 15 years; he wants a compromise at five years. What, are we on the TV show, “Let’s Make A Deal”? Bottom line: Here’s your offer. If you don’t take it, we go to trial and let a jury decide. The jury then will decide your fate. That is our system. Quit all this negotiation. Since when does a criminal have the right to negotiate to a lower term? This is ridiculous. We need to change the laws and stop all the plea-bargaining.

Plenty to do in retirement

(Re the Feb. 11 Sound Off, “Stop complaining, do some volunteer work”): Thank you to the person who called in and told the people who have nothing else to do but gossip to go out and do some volunteer work someplace. I have a neighbor who’s like that and every time I have a repair truck in my driveway, she’s on that phone calling me five minutes after that truck leaves my house, wanting to know what’s going on. At first I got annoyed, but then someone said that I have to understand that she has no hobbies, does no volunteer work, belongs to no clubs, etc., so she has nothing else to occupy her time. Wow, such an exciting life when there are so many other things to do when we retire.

Volunteers save the county money

This is regarding the lady in the paper today talking about the volunteers (the Feb. 11 Sound Off, “They are radar guns not revolvers”). Kudos to her and her husband, being a former law enforcement officer and Vietnam vet who volunteers three days a week to keep our county safe. I, too, am retired; I volunteer at the sheriff’s office. If they were paid positions, that’s one thing, but they’re not and we have saved the county millions of dollars by what we volunteers do. My husband, too, is a retired law enforcement officer of 40 years.

Leave those dogs at home

I want to thank the male attendant at Inverness Walmart for not letting the couple in with their dog sitting in the grocery basket. It was on a pillow of some kind, but it’s a law that has been passed that no dogs or any other animals that’s not a service animal can be in any grocery baskets, in any grocery stores, or in any restaurants. So you people that insist on bringing these animals, you’re just making it bad on everybody else. Leave them home where they belong or in the automobile or babysit and leave one person in the car watching them. I’ve got dogs I love very much, but I would never, never take them in a restaurant or a grocery story. I’m sure glad that man at the door at Walmart in Inverness stood up for himself and told them, “You cannot, under no circumstances, bring that animal in here, I’m very sorry.” He was real polite. The couple got smart with him — the lady did — but he never replied. He just said, “I’m very sorry for your inconvenience.” I want to thank him very much. Finally, somebody stood for something that is right and something that is a problem that needs to be corrected.

Have some respect for others’ opinions

In reference to the people that just call in and listen to the comments and all: It’s just really a shame that nobody has respect for their opinions. Why do you have to degrade them and tell them they need to check their spelling or check their resources? Can’t you do it in a better way? There’s no reason for you to degrade anybody, whether they’re Republicans, Democrats, Independents or whatever. If they believe that, let them believe it. There’s no need to try to demoralize them or intimidate them and say that they’re stupid and so forth. I think people need to have more of an open mind and respect each other and respect them for their opinions.

Get your motor running

Anyone else getting sick and tired of listening to the racetrack from sunup until after 10 o’clock at night? This is ridiculous.

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I was in Walmart a few weeks ago. As I walked past a cart, in the narrow isles of the electronics section, a small dog jumped up on the edge of the cart and attempted to bite me as I passed. The owner of the dog looked at me like I was a monster. I told her to get her dog under control or get it out of the store. I am a dog lover and own dogs. This was a dog out of control, literally. They do not belong in the stores or restaurants unless they are trained Service Dogs. If the dog had landed it attempted bite, I would have sued the heck out of Walmart. If you really love your dog then please leave them safely at home. Not in a hot car to die and not in a someone's business where they do not belong.

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