Not taking proper measures

(Re the Feb. 8, 2021, front-page story, “Beer, Bucs in bars,” “Local establishments gear up for Super Sunday”): I read with disgust in the Sunday paper interviews with bar owners gleeful at the prospect of hosting COVID super-spreader Super Bowl parties with big crowds and no masks, either for the staff or the patrons. One owner had the gall to say the business owners were taking all appropriate measures. Since appropriate measures would be limiting crowd size and having everyone wear masks, the truth is, she was taking none of the appropriate measures. ...

Story about judge was disgraceful

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I’m calling today about the article about Judge Graham (the Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021, front-page story, “Former local judge dead,” “Disgraced judge was booted from role in 1990s over controversial rulings”). I think it was very tacky.

Being blamed for bent license tag

In reference to the post office: I just bought a car out of county. I purchased a tag and put it in an overnight envelope. I handed the gentleman the envelope. He pushed down on it. My envelope arrived in a timely fashion, but the license tag is now bent in half. When I called up to speak to the supervisor ... (they said) it’s my fault because I did not protect it. They damaged it and I have to swallow it just because they’re blaming me because I did not protect it. ... Sometimes not everyone has common sense and nobody thinks alike. Two people are not going to think the same.

Welcome back Carl, visit often

Let me express a thank you to welcome back Carl Hiaasen to the paper. I wish he visited a lot more often.

Make new boat ramps a reality

Progress at last. After two years of consideration several times, the BOCC has finally decided to invoke launch fees at four county boat ramps to cover maintenance costs and maybe some expansion. The nonresidents of our county will be paying the greater share of these new fees. Potential for extending boat ramps in the county is limited due to the current values of nearby property. The best way the BOCC can serve Gulf boaters going forward is a large ramp area at the “Ditch of Dreams” north of Crystal River. The future of trailer boaters’ access to the Gulf depends on the consideration of the proposed Nature Coast boat ramps at the 50-year-old barge canal. Time for the county commissioners to get to work on making these new boat ramps a reality.

Help elderly get vaccinated

Getting to the end of my rope on this virus thing. Seventy-five years old, have rheumatoid arthritis, on the border of diabetes, we’ve got diabetes 2...So let’s get your act together, everybody in this town — all the businesses, all the drugstores — and let’s help the people who are old and need the virus shot.