You’re a snowbird, a part-time resident

I’m calling to respond to (the Dec. 1) Sound Off, “I’m a resident, not a snowbird.” First of all, I hate to disagree with you but you are a snowbird and I find it offensive that you’re saying we’re narrow-minded haters. So, if we’re narrow-minded haters, why would you want to reside in Citrus County if you feel that way? The point is, you might be a part-time resident, but you are not a full-time resident. You are not here patronizing our gas stations half of the year or three-quarters of the year. You’re not here patronizing our restaurants or our facilities. So what are you doing? You come here maybe a few months and patronize everything and then you go back up north and put all your money back up north. So to me, you’re not a resident. You are a snowbird and you are a part-time resident.

Positions don’t need to be filled

(Re the Dec. 2 front-page story, “County administrator set to fill top budget post”): In yesterday’s paper, there’s an article in regards to three supposed administrative positions that haven’t been filled for over a year within our county. These positions being unfilled didn’t result in any cut in services to Citrus County residents. My question is: If you were able to be a good administrator, couldn’t you see these positions don’t need to be filled, thus saving the county a couple hundred-thousand dollars?

Work hard for a decent retirement

(Re the Dec. 3 Sound Off, “I don’t want it, so you can’t have it”): In reference to the caller who moved here from a blue state and complained he did not have enough money to move to Citrus Hills, saying he didn’t have an expensive government pension. He gave the impression it’s all somebody else’s fault that he is where he is. I did work for the government in the northeast. I moved here from a blue state, as well — whatever that has to do with anything. Yes, I do have a decent government pension; I worked hard for 30 years to receive it. I also had the initiative to work a part-time job for 25 of those 30 years to qualify for a pension from Social Security and I’ve continued to work an additional 18 years here in Florida so I can live comfortably in retirement. Yes, I do live in Citrus Hills, but not Terra Vista. One gets out of life what one puts into it. The caller was all over the place and it was hard to understand his thought process. Bottom line: If you work hard and long all your life, you are able to afford a decent retirement. Incidentally, government jobs are open to anyone who wishes to apply.

Thanks for turning in my purse

I want to thank the person who found my purse and turned it in to customer service at Publix in Sugarmill. I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you, thank you.

Dedicated and determined to raise money

This morning my husband walked by a bell ringer at a supermarket. He was ringing the bell for the Salvation Army to raise money for their cause. It’s bitter cold and the man was standing there shivering, but he was dedicated and determined to help. Thank you to all such people.

Make the county great again

Let’s make Citrus County great again. Throw out the county commissioners and bring in the New York Times.

What’s the job description?

I’m wondering what the qualifications are to be a county administrator in “Circus County, Florida.” I remember in the area we came from when we had a new administrator, all employees making over $30,000 had to write a job description. Within a three-month period, the administrator was able to eliminate 20% of the jobs without any cuts in services to the residents. After further investigation, there was another 10% deleted from the workforce — several of them being $100,000-plus positions — after it was determined that they had created jobs for friends and family.

Depot District an amazing transformation

I’ve read several negative opinions directed towards Frank DiGiovanni and the recently-completed Depot District. I just want to say my wife and I were downtown in Inverness last week and were amazed at what a beautiful location that’s been transformed into. To the person who said that little kids may wander off towards the lake nearby: There’s a very attractive, probably 4-foot-high black fence around an entire playground area for the children’s safety. There are bright, new open buildings, clean restrooms and the landscaping is very nicely done. The only deterrent I noticed was that several kids riding skateboards along the walkways adjacent to buildings where people were walking could become a nuisance for pedestrian traffic. I would give Mr. DiGiovanni and the city’s board members a very high grade for their planning, preparation and final outcome. This is an extremely important centerpiece for Inverness and has been done-up right and adds a whole lot to the downtown area.

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