Sound OFF

Spend money on beautification

(Re the Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020, front-page story, “City to eye beach options,” “Inverness council to look at adding shoreline amenities to downtown parks”): I just don’t get it. You want to build a beach and buy some of the parks and you spent $197,000 on a community garden that bombed. Why don’t you take some of that money and tear down, especially, a building between Forest Drive and (State Road) 44, close to Independence, unless you just want to wait for the building to fall down all by itself. But you know what? You can beautify Inverness, but as soon as you leave downtown, it’s kind of scary with all the abandoned buildings and things like that. So, I don’t know, think about spending that money, but I won’t visit it.

Swim with the gators

Dec. 1’s headline, “City (of Inverness) to eye beach options.” Wow, the director of tourism should jump on this one. Swim with the manatees in Crystal River. Swim with the alligators in Inverness.

Don’t give relief money to chamber

(Re the Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020, front-page story, “Pandemic policy, relief funds on county agenda”): I am reading the paper this morning about the COVID money, the relief money that came from the CARES Act to the county and they said they still have $4.7 million remaining from the first two phases. Personally, I didn’t know we had a second phase. I just know we had a first phase. I knew we had a second one that came in for just businesses. ... In my opinion, Citrus County Chamber of Commerce is not a business and, to me, the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce is just mostly for getting tourists coming in and advertising and doing that type of thing, trying to sell Citrus County. I don’t think the money should go there. ... I think that they need to have people to maybe apply who don’t have the money, who have lost their jobs. You may have gave it to the small businesses, but did it go to the people who worked there or the people who were laid off? Those people probably mostly worked at minimum wage. Those people should be able to apply. ... I think that you need to go back and have these people with small businesses apply again or you need to donate it to whatever agency is paying bills for people — like their electric bills, their phone bills, their tax bills, their whatever — and not give it to the Chamber of Commerce…

A road rage apology

Today is Dec. 1 and I have an apology to make. Today, actually around noon, I had a road-rage incident. There was a young woman driving a small delivery van in front of me and some things occurred and I totally lost it. I got up next to her and I cussed at her, I shot her the bird and I just totally lost myself there for a minute and she didn’t deserve that. So whoever she is, I hope maybe she might read this and know that, in retrospect, I thought about this and I want to say that I am very sorry and will learn to behave myself better and not lose control like that. Have a good day.

Frustrated with road construction

I took a trip down to my son’s house here over a month ago and I noticed the same company is working down there that’s working on (U.S.) 19 in Homosassa. They’ve got (State Road) 52 tore up down there. It’s the same situation — torn up, no machinery, sitting around and not getting anything done. I was just down there a day ago and it’s the same thing here in Homosassa. You know, I can’t understand why the state of Florida and the government gives them contracts, knowing they don’t get the job done. They goof off. The only thing they’re good for is moving dirt from one spot to another and tearing up our shocks on our cars, because wherever they dig a hole on (U.S.) 19, there’s a hole left for your car to fall into. They’ll have the turnpike done before they even think about getting it done and that’s going to I-75 in time and they’ll probably have it already up there before this company gets it done.