Sound OFF

Unsatisfied taste buds

(Re the front-page story Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020): I just read recently in the Chronicle that they’re going to put a Taco Bell down in the Sugarmill area, probably where McDonald’s is. That’s the same-old-same-old stuff. You’ve got Taco Bell in Homosassa. Why not a Chik-fil-A or a Boston Market? Give us something different.

You made our day

Thank you for a brighter day. On Wednesday, Oct. 14, while in a drive-thru line at Inverness Taco Bell, a police vehicle in front of us had paid for our lunch. As I don’t know who you are, I want you to know it was a very shocking and happy feeling that you gave us at a down time. And even though we thanked you a lot, it seemed so little for the emotional boost you gave to us. May God bless and keep you safe. Thank you for a brighter day.

Beer, barbecue and masks

Good morning and happy Thursday (Oct. 15, 2020). I was reading in the “Hot Corner: COVID Questions,” where this person, male or female, was writing about a gentleman, an old man sitting on his porch with no mask on and having a beer. Really? Let’s get real here. He’s sitting on his own porch and he’s drinking a can of beer or a bottle of beer. So what? That’s not public intoxication. What about when people have barbecues and people have parties and they drink beer out in their front yard? Do you call that public intoxication? Really, get over it. I think you’ve been in your house too long. Go out, get some fresh air and have some fun — and don’t forget to wear your mask.

Worry about yourself

(Re the Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, “Hot Corner: COVID Questions”): This is in response to the person complaining in Sound Off about driving down a street and seeing an old man sitting on his front porch without a mask on. 1. You are assuming that he is infected with COVID. He can sit on his front porch if he wants to without a mask. 2. He’s drinking a beer on his front porch. Yes, you can sit outside and drink a beer. It’s not public intoxication. If he had been out in the middle of the street, that could be considered public intoxication, but not sitting on his porch drinking. So you are totally wrong. I’m going to assume, are you one of these people that’s driving your car with a mask on and gloves? Please quit complaining about other people and just take care of yourself.

Convenience charge, my eye

I’m calling Sound Off in reference to (when) I go to pay my water bill via the phone. It’s unreal, they want to charge me $2.70 just to use my debit card that they requested. I do all the work and push all the buttons, but they still want to charge me $2.70. I think it’s kind of ridiculous to pay when you’re paying by phone and they want to charge you for it. It’s totally ridiculous.

Mask up for your patrons

Here we are with the coronavirus rising again across the country and Florida is all, “Woo-hoo, we’re done with this silly virus,” and many people and businesses are no longer taking precautions like masks and social distancing. I can tell you we’ve lived in Citrus for many years and we care about our community and helping it to be successful and we try to support our local businesses and restaurants and offices, but when we see that you folks won’t wear masks or ask your staff or customers to wear masks, that just makes us want to turn around and go somewhere else and that’s what we do if we possibly can. We will keep looking for businesses that care about their patrons. I wonder how many other people feel the same way.