Deputies could use more training

In regards to the failed traffic stop (Nov. 20’s lead front-page story): I wonder, what kind of training — or should I say lack of training — do these deputies receive? Four officers were on the scene, which tells me four cruisers, and no one had the insight to block the vehicle so it could not flee? Oh well, as they say, “Welcome to Circus County.” I never saw such dysfunctional law enforcement as I have in this county.

So many forget our freedoms

I loved Wednesday’s (Nov. 20’s Sound Off) post called “Be thankful for our freedoms.” Somebody in Citrus County really believes in that. We should send one of these to Sound Off every day. Somehow so many people are forgetting the wonderful freedoms we have in the United States of America.

Shocked by judge’s comments

I’m calling about the article about “Teen charged in murder gets another court date” (Nov. 21, Page A3). I was reading this and I’m really shocked at what Judge Richard “Ric” Howard, his reply. Apparently, he said that the county sheriff’s office should work harder. There was some type of problem with getting discovery and it was explained it took the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office awhile to finalize it, to which “Ric” Howard replied, “Tell them to work harder.” Hah, maybe the judge should call them up and tell them to work harder. I wonder how Judge Howard would feel if somebody came in his courtroom and said, “Gee, Judge Howard, I think you should work harder.”

I don’t want it, so you can’t have it

(Re the Nov. 21 “Hot Corner: Anti-Trump Group”): I’m just calling about the person who moved from a blue state and he moved to Florida here and he seems to think everyone else has moved here. I also moved from a blue state here. I do not have an expensive pension. I did not work for the government. Also, I did not have enough money to move to Citrus Hills. You’re not the only people who pay taxes and if you don’t want it, no one should have it then. ... Thank you for your service, but you also were able to have a business, you worked hard at it and you also made more money than just that pension if you’re moving to Citrus Hills. That’s the trouble with this county: It’s, “I don’t want it, so no one can have it. But if I want it, then it’s OK.” I’m tired of this.

Set aside bias, listen to a pro

This Sound Off’s about the library and the New York Times. Get three professional arbitrators to decide this issue. Tax money should not be used to fund the New York Times even if every citizen in the county has a library card. Also, Lara Logan, a professional journalist, was interviewed on Fox & Friends. Set aside any bias for five minutes and listen to a pro.

Thanks for years of service

Thank you, Gerry Mulligan, for publishing the news of Citrus County in the Citrus County Chronicle. Thank you, Gerry Mulligan, for your many years of service as publisher of the Chronicle. You continue to provide a service to the people of Citrus County with daily happenings both of a pleasant nature, as well as truthful commentary on hot-topic issues not so pleasant to some segments of the population. Thank you, Gerry Mulligan, for keeping the Citrus County Chronicle a local news media and not trying to make it a state or national publication. Recently, some people accused Mr. Mulligan of being politically biased and publishing “fake news.” Maybe if these same accusers would open their minds to more than one source of getting their information — Fox News — they would see what a distinguished and dedicated individual Gerry Mulligan is. Well done, Gerry Mulligan! Do not relent and keep up the good work.

Rain stats don’t seem right

I’m wondering if the rain gauge at the Crystal River Airport has a hole in it. I keep reading in the Citrus County Chronicle that there’s 0.00 inches of rain in the month of November at the Crystal River Airport. I live in Citrus Springs and I’ve measured over 3 inches of rain here. I’ve been in other places in Citrus County and it’s rained all over the county several days during the month. So I think there’s something wrong with your reporting on the rain, to date, this month in Citrus County.

Speed limit too low

This weekend I had the opportunity to drive the new section of (County Road) 491. My question is: We spent all of that money for a 35 mph speed limit? Excuse me, somebody needs to get their head out of their (butt).

It could be insurance fraud

If you have had two radical mastectomies, it is insurance fraud to have a mammogram. You don’t require one. I almost went to a medical imaging place and ended up going to Citrus Memorial and they told me I don’t need one because of that. Also, if you’re pulled over for DUI and you refuse the Breathalyzer, you just go six months without a license.

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"Rain stats don’t seem right" It would appear that you might not have lived in Florida very long. You will learn that it can be raining on one side of your house and not on the other side (especially if you have a big house in Citrus Springs)....that is Florida.

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