Sculpture’s value questioned

(Re the Wednesday, March 10, 2021, Page A6 story, “CR Council OKs trade of mall sculpture for city to forgive code enforcement fines”): So if Mr. Frink and the Crystal River officials think that statue is worth $187,000-some, I have a bridge for sale.

Punishment doesn’t fit the crime

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As an animal lover, I’m reading, “Out of the Box Animal Rescue owner banned from keeping animals again” (Page A3, Thursday, March 11, 2021). Is that it? I’m going to tell you what I think needs to be done. ... He needs to get everything the animals that was in his care, done the same things to him. Not having animals — that’s his punishment? Come on now. I don’t get it. I do not get it. It’s a horrible situation and he needs to be punished, not by just not having animals anymore. This county, I don’t know what’s wrong with it. They’re so worried about everything else, but they’re not worried about the animals and the animal shelter. They keep pushing down the animal shelter. The animal shelter is trying to help. (The county commissioners) want to do whatever they want to do. They want to do the Riverwalk. Who knows what they want to do? Why don’t they do the animal shelter and put it up by the jail for the people in the jail to take care of them and learn how to love something? This county is messed up.

Moving boat ramp a bad idea

(Re the Thursday, March 11, Page A9 editorial, “Ramping up enthusiasm,” “Old Yacht Club a sound location for ramp access”): As usual, the Chronicle wants to remove a boat ramp. How’s the fire department going to put their boat in the water very quick if they’ve got to drive out Sailboat Avenue instead of just across the street and launch their boat? It’s always a matter of minutes when there’s a fire emergency. Never get rid of a boat ramp. My goodness, how silly can you be? Walk your sidewalk along the street like it does right now. And you want to go out and ruin a state park? Have you driven on State Park Street? It’s a washboard. It tears up all the time. It’s underwater a lot of the time. Now you’re going to add these big trucks with big boat trailers and they’re going to come nonstop. Do you think I’m kidding? Just go down to the MacRae’s boat ramp right by Fort Island Beach July 1 and see what kind of mess you’re creating. Push the county for the barge canal boat ramp. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

No boat ramp in state park

(Re the Thursday, March 11, Page A9 editorial, “Ramping up enthusiasm,” “Old Yacht Club a sound location for ramp access”): It would be nice if your editorial content would not push a political agenda. To call the proposed boat ramp site the Old Yacht Club is ridiculous. That is an ecologically beautiful spot. It is the offices of the Crystal River Archeological Site. It’s the site of many outdoor activities that are open to the public for free. It’s not the old shrimp docks — hasn’t been for 30 years. It’s a viable state park. We don’t really need a boat ramp there. Tell the truth.

Have a complaint, give your name

To all these people that call to complain when they have to give their name or their address when they complain about something, asking why they have to do that: Well, that’s the law. If you’ve got a complaint, give your name.

Ridiculous trying to get online

In reference to this vaccine: It’s ridiculous trying to get online. You get all these stupid websites and not many people are computer savvy. They could have a better way of setting this up. It’s only good for the people that are computer savvy and they know how to get around it. I’m trying to get the shot and I can’t get through any websites. You call the health department and they tell you that you have to go to the website. So I’m stuck here in the middle. How do I get the vaccine?

They couldn’t find my house

In reference to the elderly care where they’re supposed to come to my house once a month and check on me: The doctor comes and he says the X-rays are supposed to come to your house. I needed an X-ray. Two weeks, they haven’t come. Meanwhile, the doctor’s following up a week later. There was no X-ray taken. So when they set up the X-ray, they called me to tell me they’re on their way. Then I gave them directions, not once but twice. Then they said they couldn’t find my apartment. The pizza guy could find my apartment with no problem. Publix sent my deliveries with no problem. No X-ray was ever done because they never got here. What a shame.