Contributions to local charities

(Re the June 23, 2020, front-page story, “Candidates show finances”): My wife started reading me the net worth of the candidates running for local offices and I started thinking, if any one of these men or women posted their contributions to the local legal charities, that would be the person I would like to vote for. I can’t contribute enough myself to make a difference, but voting is free in America.

Protect our citizens

Let me get this straight: Citrus County and the state of Florida have seen an increase of 5,500 COVID-19 cases today (June 24, 2020). Citrus County has 15 more than we did yesterday, yet I see nothing from our city leaders of Inverness, our county government — which I wasn’t going to expect — or our sheriff’s office about what we’re going to do about this increase in the number of cases going around Citrus County and the state of Florida. A few weeks ago, we closed everything down. Now we have more cases and nothing’s happening. It’s as if we’re ignoring it. We’re following our president’s lead, which is ridiculous. We need to be protecting our citizens. Get smart, Citrus County.

Some excellent letters

Thank you, Chronicle, for the excellent letters published in today’s paper (June 25, 2020). Robert Reich’s book, “The System,” explains all the things that these letters say and I appreciate them so very much.

Make masks mandatory

Come on, Citrus County. Masks need to be mandatory, especially inside buildings or when social distancing is not possible.

Respect the flag

In your effort to appear patriotic, do not use the flag as clothing. Don’t drape it over the hood, side, top or back of your car. It’s not for advertising purposes. Don’t embroider it on cushions or handkerchiefs, print it on paper napkins or use it as any portion of a costume.

The dumpster was removed

Hopefully, some of the commissioners will read this (Sound Off): Why did you remove the dumpster that we put our old newspapers in? Many of us senior citizens got up and went to work and had no time to read the newspaper. Now today, we really enjoy sitting there having coffee and reading the morning paper, but we have no place to put them now that the dumpster was taken away from the community hall in Homosassa. Please tell us — I and many of my friends, who are too old to drive to the dump — where are we to put our newspaper?

Parkway work at night

Hey, Sound Off, I wonder if you can help me. I live in Lecanto and they’re building the parkway behind my house in the middle of the night at like 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning. I’ve called my commissioner, I’ve called my congressman, I’ve called my representative, I emailed my senator and my governor and nobody seems to be able to help me. Is there someone out there who can look into this and figure out why the Florida Department of Transportation is allowing these people to shake my house to the foundation at 3 a.m.? If you have any, any, any ideas whatsoever, I really would appreciate it. Please email me at Thank you so much.