Reckless driving can get you jailed

I was looking at the Sound Off call-ins on Jan. 15 and I noticed a call-in titled, “Get your facts straight before you Sound Off.” The person that called in is this alleged Stat Cop, whatever that means. I have to disagree with him. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor. You can get jail and fined. It’s Statute 316.192 and it says, and I quote: “Any person who drives any vehicle in a willful and wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.” You don’t have to hit anybody. You don’t have to cause damage. It’s still a crime. Now, as far as careless driving goes, that’s Statute 316.1925. It says, “Operating a vehicle without careful and prudent regard for the safety of person and property.” That is a moving violation and it carries points and it carries a very high fine. It also could carry higher insurance rates, as in reckless driving, as well. Stat Cop is wrong. You don’t have to cause any injury or any damage to any property in order to be charged for reckless driving. Does it bolster the charge? Yes. Does it have to be there? No. The predicate of destroying property or hurting people does not apply in reckless driving, nor does it apply for careless driving. So, Mr. Stat Cop, whoever you may be, why don’t you get your facts straight and I’ll be sure not to call in and disagree with you again. Have a nice day.

Let’s not pooh-pooh the signal

A discussion of the traffic pattern for (State Road) 200 and (County Road) 491 is on the BOCC agenda for Tuesday, Jan. 21. Hopefully, this meeting will not be another pooh-pooh for a traffic signal at this dangerous intersection now with heavy traffic and bad line of sight. One only has to look at the south end of C.R. 491 at U.S. 98 to see what lack of control can do to propagate fatalities and injuries at an intersection.

FDOT has the final say

Is a roundabout in the future for Citrus County at the intersection of County Road 491 and State Road 200? There is a trend by FDOT to use roundabouts for this type of intersection. Regardless of the yea or nay by our BOCC for a traffic signal, the FDOT’s yea or nay for a traffic light vs. roundabout will prevail.

It’s too early for election signs

Any person that puts up signs telling me to vote for them in the November elections, today being January, cannot expect my vote. It is just too congestive in the highways to have signs for a November election in January.

Inverness should take the hospital

I’m calling about the proposed move of the administration of Citrus Memorial Hospital to the city of Inverness. I understand that it’s not a gift to Inverness, but rather someone needs to administer it. When I think about the city of Inverness vs. our board of county commissioners, my vote is always going to be for the city of Inverness because they have a proven track record of effectiveness. Unfortunately, our county commissioners have not proven themselves to be very thoughtful or respectful or careful in their long-range planning. So I would rather see the city of Inverness administer our hospital, even though I don’t even live in the city.

The thought is frightening

The thought of having the Citrus County commissioners having anything to do with our health care is frightening.

Saddened by boat removal

This is in regards to our new building that’s going on the corner of (U.S.) 19 and Citrus Boulevard. I would like to comment on the removal of the ship that was on the corner of (U.S.) 19 and Citrus Boulevard. I’m extremely saddened regarding this move. This ship is the first thing I noticed when I moved here a year ago from Michigan. The ship marked our central downtown Crystal River. It makes Crystal River special. This is a replica of our history and needs to be moved back to its home. Whatever else is being planned there on that corner should include this beautiful ship. Thank you for listening.

Editor’s note: The boat was relocated to the Best Western Crystal River Resort on U.S. 19.

Parenting with cellphones

I’m calling Sound Off in reference to today’s parenting and people with phones. It’s totally ridiculous. I was in a shopping center and this little girl, who can’t be but 2 years old, was getting off a bench. Her mother was talking on the phone. As her daughter attempted to get off the bench, she started to fall. The mother would not put the phone down. She kept it to her ear and kept talking and kept trying to pick up the little girl with one hand. Meanwhile, the little girl fell. Did the mother put the phone down? No, she picked the little girl up with one hand and told her to stop crying but never left the phone from her ear. That is really pathetic.

The new McDonald’s is in Homosassa

This is about the new McDonald’s. It’s not in Sugarmill Woods. It’s not in Chassahowitzka. It’s in Homosassa.

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