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Death penalty should be an option

I’m calling in reference to the (Thursday, Jan. 20, front-page) article, “Men enter pleas for murder, attempted robbery charges” for Stanley Haybron. I think it is disgusting, actually, that the state attorney doesn’t think that shooting somebody in the back, planning their murder to steal money, is not heinous enough to warrant the death penalty. Stanley grew up in my neighborhood…Anyway, I think that’s wrong and it should be first-degree murder. … The guy planned it and he shot him in the back to steal his money. So y’all are wrong. Have a good day.

Glad to see YMCA in Crystal River

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(Re Thursday, Jan. 20’s front-page story, “YMCA works on building relationships in Crystal River”): I was glad to see in the paper where the Crystal River City Council is doing something to help the kids with the YMCA opening up LeGrone Park. It’s nice to see that they’re finally doing something rather than just downtown activities. There’s a lot to do around here. Maybe next, maybe they can get the cemetery out on (County Road) 495 annexed into the city, so the city can maintain it rather than the individuals just going up and volunteering. Once again, I’m glad to see that the city is doing something rather than just Main Street. Thank you.

We don’t need the COVID dashboard

I’m responding to (Thursday, Jan. 20’s Page A7 Sound Off), “Bring back COVID dashboard,” where the person says in schools, they should bring back the dashboard. No, you don’t need it. The virus is here. It’s part of our life, so deal with it, leave it alone and let it go. Stop worrying about this and that. If you’re that much afraid, you don’t put your child in school or grandchild in school. That’s the bottom line. Stop living in fear.

Message board quite appropriate

The message board at the Chamber of Commerce in Crystal River is quite appropriate: “Minding Your Business.” That’s the problem in Citrus County; they should be minding their own business. That’s why you cannot attract any businesses to this area.

US 19 roadwork is dormant

When are we going to see someone start working on U.S. 19?

I like the new comics

I really enjoy the daily new comics. Out of 18, there’s only three that I don’t read. So, that’s good news. Thank you.

How much is that sculpture?

In regards to the manatee sculpture in Crystal River: I think they need to put a plaque there with the appraised value of the sculpture. That way the tourists can have a good laugh also.

Thanks for finding my dog

I wanted to thank whoever the kind gentleman was that found my Chihuahua by Tower Street in Beverly Hills and brought her over to Countryside Animal Clinic. They scanned her and sent me an alert and immediately I raced over there within 60 seconds and I want to thank you so much, whoever you are. You’ve done a fantastic thing for myself, my dog and my family. Thank you so much for helping save my little Chihuahua.

Government officials need a pay cut

Just like to comment on something. Us taxpayers are paying our government officials a very, very generous salary. I believe possibly, well, they should take a pay cut and see if they can’t live on $10 an hour like they expect us to.

Patch the Forest Ridge potholes

When is somebody going to patch the potholes on Forest Ridge? Oh, silly me, they might have to get out of their truck and do some work.