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I’m not lazy, but I’m I’m not dumb

(Re the Wednesday, April 21, 2021, front-page story, “Chamber to DeSantis: Reinstate requirements”): Please give me just one good reason. Been reading about how hard it is to get employees here in Citrus County. I’ve worked hard all my life and, really, why should I go back to work for less money than the government is giving me to do nothing? Now look it, I’m not lazy, but I’m also not dumb.

Owners should have handled issue

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In response to (the Thursday, April 22, 2021, front-page story) “Inverness hits Manning’s Bar snag”: You let go of all the fines that they had so you could knock it down when the people who owned the property should have been responsible. Now it’s going to cost the taxpayers a lot more money to take care of the problem that should be addressed by the owners of the property.

I’ll barter for my property taxes

(Re the Thursday, April 22, 2021, front-page story, “Something borrowed, blue,” “Crystal River erects mall’s former manatee statue at city’s town square”): In reference to the Crystal River City Council making a trade-off with the mall, releasing the mall from their outstanding penalty fees by trading them for the mall’s manatee statue, will that work for Crystal River residents who can’t afford to pay all their property taxes? Can we trade something else we own instead of paying? I have lots of things that I was going to sell at a garage sale, but if I could trade them in to help pay my taxes, that sure would be great. Please let me know, OK?

Newspaper out of touch with reality

In the April 22 editorial in the newspaper, it appears as though the newspaper is out of reality with the situation in the county (Page A7, “Affordable Housing,” “Joint effort needed in fight for affordable housing funds”). It calls attention to low-income residents in the county as some of the most essential workers being teachers, firefighters, nurses and first responders. I believe this is completely in error. Actually, they should be middle-ranged pay. If you want to research, please review how many of these first responders and essential workers are homeless in this county. I believe you’re out of touch with reality and you need to change the wording. Home ownership is important, but who’s it important to? Those that are homeless.

Where’s the enforcement?

I’m calling (about the Thursday, April 22, 2021) Sound Off in reference to “Enforcement needed,” where the person complains about the trucks going down Crystal Oaks Drive and (it’s supposed to be) no trucks over 10 tons. Well, apparently you know law enforcement’s not going to enforce it. They’re never on the highway enforcing speeders, so forget about that. So why don’t you get with your homeowners association and start putting some speed bumps in on your road? That’s the only way to slow it down. Otherwise, open up an apple stand and sell apples on the corner.

Volunteer picks up trash daily

The April 22 Chronicle’s Celebrity Cipher (Page B5, is a quote from) Bill Nye, the Science Guy, for Earth Day recognition. He said, “To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people’s trash.” If there happened to be a Science Guy Award, my road would recognize the gentleman who has daily volunteered to pick up trash along other people’s roads here on Rock Crusher and dissecting roads.

Justice in the Citrus County

I would like to sound off about the justice in this county and this is local. When I call the Sound Off, by the time I start to talk, I’m told it’s too long. Get this picture: A person steals an iPad, it’s returned to the owner and they get three years in prison. A woman kills somebody — I don’t care if they use drunkenness as an excuse — the person is dead and they get the same sentence. Too bad everybody can’t afford a private attorney in this county. Now that’s the picture here and that’s the truth. Thank you for letting me sound off. You all stay safe.

Nice to get a card from the nurses

A week ago, I had same-day surgery at Seven Rivers Hospital and today I got a card in the mail signed by all the nurses and staff. It was a “Get Well” card. I almost fell out of my chair. ... it was kind of nice to see that a hospital really cares. Seven Rivers, you’ve got my vote.