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Cardinal facelift a waste of money

I’m responding to your (Sunday, Sept. 26, front-page) article, “Cardinal facelift nearly complete.” What a waste of $135 million. You removed all those trees for what? You’re expecting this big ramp of cars to come off this expressway at Cardinal. It’s not going to happen. I’d love to have someone put a meter there and the Chronicle to print out actually how many cars get off that area in one day. You’re going to say, “Wow, where’s the rush?” It’s a waste of $135 million and a waste of our trees. Really pathetic.

County needs to address flooding

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(Re the Sept. 26, Page C2 editorial): I’m calling about the flooding woes need that to be addressed. Well, the county needs to address it, No. 1. When permits are pulled to build, they should not allow homes to be built in flood-prone areas, or, if they do, they have to be raised structures. And older homes built in those areas need to be phased out as time goes on — something along those lines — instead of keep spending more money to address this and address that when, really, it’s in the hands of the county to address those issues.

Turn on the emergency lights

I’m calling in reference to the Sound Off, “Maybe no siren was justified” (Sunday, Sept. 26, Page C2). I was the person that called in and said about the police officer going over 25 mph without siren or lights. So, you know, I get what this person is saying about the burglary. But, anyway, Pine Lake is a very small subdivision and we all are in good contact with each other about crime here. So, in the first place, there was no burglary, all right? But, you know, maybe it’s true about the siren being off, but there were no emergency lights. So, there you go, if you’re going to speed, then put your emergency lights on. Have a good day.

Always enjoyed Fred’s Barbershop

(Re the Sunday, Sept. 26, Page C2 Sound Off, “Getting a haircut and some gossip”): I moved to Citrus County over 30 years ago and I remember Fred’s Barbershop. It was an enjoyable time I spent there. I even let people go ahead of me so I could listen to Freddie and his gossip. I enjoyed it and I hope he’s doing well, God bless him.

Register car in a timely manner

I know law enforcement is very busy and has other things to do, but when I see out-of-state plates all summer long on cars with a business with a Florida number on it, it really annoys me. When I came to Florida, I registered my car and paid the tax and everybody else needs to do that, too. Maybe there could be a reward system where neighbors turn in their neighbors who’ve lived here for more than a year and give them a reward to encourage them so that the taxes can be collected.

Stores had limited selection

Frequently, call-ins talk about people not shopping at Pennys or Belk at our mall. The reason was, these stores were small and did not have the inventory listed in their ads. I went several times and was told the items I wanted were only in the large stores in Ocala or Orlando, so I did not return.

Stop stealing our crusade signs

This is for whoever’s been stealing and taking down the signs for our church’s crusade, “Got Jesus,” from Gray Oak from (County Road) 491 to Glen. And somebody even ran over one with a truck on (C.R.) 491. That was not very nice. We are praying for you and we will not stop. Your heart will be pricked by the Holy Spirit. God bless you. One more thing about the stolen signs: It’s not the sign or the word “Jesus” that offends you. It’s sin that convicts you. You are forgiven. You are forgiven in the name of Jesus.