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A letter from the past

Citrus County Chronicle: Is the BOCC aware of the letter to the editor of Sept. 27, 2019, “A history of EMS privatization,” by Kevin Mulligan, generated by a Chronicle Sound Off? The issue of no overtime for firefighter/EMS employees is very interesting. How about a reprint?

Trip to gardens was gorgeous

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I want to thank you for putting in that front page about the Cedar Lake Woods and Gardens in Williston (Friday, Sept. 17’s Scene Section C). We took that trip yesterday and it was gorgeous and we never knew it existed. It is beautiful — all the cliffs and waterfalls and wonderful, precious plants I’ve never seen before. Thank you very much. It’s a real service to the community. Thank you.

Bikes program sounds fabulous

The All Kids Bikes program sounds fabulous. Thank you to United Way, Pilot (Club) International, Inverness Bicycle & Fitness and the other area groups which supported the Phil Royal Legacy Foundation in bringing this program to Citrus County. Let’s get bikes into every elementary school.

Listen to the taxpayers

1. There’s no surprise: Commissioner Carnahan is going to invite the public to a strategic planning session (re Sunday, Sept. 19’s front-page story, “Public invited to share vision of county’s future”). However, he feels it’s just a waste of time. This is typical of a politician who doesn’t care what the taxpaying citizens have to say. If it is not something he wants — sorry, not interested. 2. Has anyone ever emailed the commissioners with a question or thoughts? Good luck in getting a response, except from the two newest commissioners. At least one commissioner has decided not to run for reelection. Smart move. 3. In Sunday’s Sound Off (Page C2), someone complained about another high-speed chase resulting in a serious accident. Obviously he did not read the whole story, which clearly stated that pursuit was called off when the fleeing suspect reached high speeds. There was no high-speed chase. Let’s put the blame where it belongs — on the fleeing suspect.

Upside down flag a sign of distress

I’m responding on Sunday to the question of “Why the upside down flag?” (Sept. 19’s Page C2 Sound Off). Maybe the caller should research it a little bit. An upside down flag on a naval ship is the sign of distress and I’m sure that was intended as a distress signal for the nation and distress for the loss of 9/11. That’s why the flag was upside down, not disrespectful.

Stop withdrawing our water

(Re Sunday, Sept. 19’s Page C1 Guest Commentary, “Save Our Waters ‘Great aquavista of Florida fun,’” by Michael D. Weirich): I’m responding to Sound Off, you know, about what a joke all the commentary is on Save Our Waters and do this for our waters, yet here I’m looking at the goals. There’s no goal there to stop (a water-bottling company) from withdrawing millions of gallons a day from our aquifer — no goals whatsoever. So when you improve that goal first — that would be my first priority — then I would jump on your bandwagon for the rest. Otherwise, I don’t care about the rest until you do something about (the company) withdrawing our water on a $50 permit. That, to me, is the bottom line.

You can’t have it both ways

I don’t understand something with Gov. DeSantis. It’s a law that if children go to school, they have to have their childhood vaccinations and it has to be proven that they have it. So what is the problem with Gov. DeSantis mandating that people should show that they’ve been vaccinated (for) COVID? Both, to me then, are both invasion of privacy. Or are children not allowed to have invasion of privacy because they’re minors?