Those struggling need the food

I’m calling about the article in Sunday’s Sound Off about the food giveaways (“If you don’t need it, don’t take it,” May 17, Page B2). I totally agree with them. I know some people that have 130-plus acres, have a great retirement and they go to these food giveaways and the wife and husband split up and they’re taking more than what they should. They don’t even need the food, but they’re taking it away from the people that really need it. This is wrong. If you need it, yes, please go and get it. But for all the people out there that do not need it, then you do not need to go and get free food just because it’s free. There’s a lot of people in this county that are struggling, really struggling, and they need the food and not you.

A trail good guy

I was riding my bike on the trail near Inverness and came upon a fellow cleaning up a large amount of broken glass on the trail. It looked like a window pane was smashed, leaving a 5-foot square of broken glass. I stopped and talked to the guy, whose name is Rich and he is from Pittsburgh. He runs on the trail every day and went home and got a broom, a dustpan, a box and a blower to clean up the mess. So if you see a bald guy with no shirt running on the trail, say “hi” to Pittsburgh Rich — he’s a trail good guy.

Bike riders give notice

I have walked with my dog on the rail trail for several years starting at the Inverness trailhead and walking a few miles in either direction. As the trail has recently reopened, it is much busier than it has been in the past. I would ask those new to bicycling on the trail to please give notice when coming up behind a walker. I can’t hear you coming. And to fellow dog walkers: Today there were three separate piles of dog waste right in the middle of the paved area of the trail. I’m sure the bicyclists aren’t too happy about riding through that on their rides. Please be a responsible dog owner. Carry a poop bag and clean up your dog’s mess. Let’s keep the trail clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Intersection needs a four-way stop

The intersection at Pine Avenue and Zephyr should be a four-way stop. Almost every other intersection in town is a four-way stop. I use this intersection at least four times each day and often see cars on Zephyr stop because they think it’s a four-way stop and I also see cars on Pine pull out in front of cars on Zephyr because they think the cars on Zephyr will be stopping. This intersection should a four-way stop.

Park needs a water fountain

Wallace Brooks Park needs a water fountain. There was one there years ago. How could they renovate the park, which is beautiful, and not have a fountain? I had my grandkids there running around and we had to go to Liberty Park to get a drink. There are four fountains at Liberty Park. There is a bathroom at Wallace Brooks, so the plumbing is there. It should be easy to add a fountain.