Show your heritage

Hey, I want to give a shout-out to my neighbor, who made the front page because of his patriotism and his respect for this country (in the Thursday, June 25, 2020 story, “Not shy about letting flags fly,” “Local neighborhood embraces patriotic spirit with large flag displays”). Here on Mayflower Court, we honor our country with flags across our borders to show the solidarity that really is in the American spirit. We try to put up flags over these four holidays to try to reinforce the message that we Americans are all Americans first. And the flags that we put on our streets and on our borders and on our sidewalks and we fly every day is evidence to that relationship to the freedoms we have. The article that you guys posted on the front page was fantastic and I want to thank you for remembering what this is all about. Those four holidays that we celebrate these flags mean a lot. The Fourth of July is coming up. So, as my neighbor says, please feel free to post flags along your driveways, along your borderlines, along the street. ... God bless America. God bless Citrus County. God bless Mayflower Court. Please show your heritage.

Are we saving lives?

I’m calling in reference to a Sound Off that was in the paper (Friday, June 26, 2020, titled “We don’t need that signal”) at State Road 200 and (County Road) 491, but he goes on to say that we need to keep everything shut down and we don’t want anything open because of the coronavirus and everybody’s going to get killed. So I don’t understand. The amount of accidents at that intersection of (S.R.) 200 and (C.R.) 491 is staggering. I was in one myself because somebody could not see me and pulled out. So you’re not concerned about the lives we could potentially save there, but you most definitely are concerned about the coronavirus and that it’s going to kill you and everybody else. You make no sense and this is half of the problem we have with people. Be consistent. Are we saving lives or are we not saving lives? Just get your act together.

Help with truck loading

(Re the Saturday, June 27, Page A11 Sound Off, “Loading dock is a loading dock”): I’d like to respond to the person who commented on the use of the loading docks that the We Care leaders are now requiring we use. If you’d look closely at the picture, the dock is designed for larger trucks. When we back our pickups in, they are about 3 feet below the docking area. When you’re picking up 1,000 pounds of canned goods, it can make for a lot of extra work. Thanks to the crew at the Community Food Bank in Citrus County, they now load our vehicles at the top of that loading area. At least they’re trying to help make the job easier of moving food out to the community. I wish the folks at We Care would do the same thing.

No to vote by mail

I’m responding to Sound Off on your article (June 28, 2020, Page A3 story) “Vote by mail for upcoming elections,” which I totally, totally disagree with. It’s really pathetic because a lot of people are saying they need to vote (by mail) because they don’t have to get out for the coronavirus or they can’t make it. It says, “How do I return my vote by mail ballot?” You could put it in the mail or drop it off in person. So you mean to tell me that if you’re going to fill out your vote and drop it off in person, you can’t go inside to vote? Really? So you’re that much afraid of the coronavirus that you want to put in a mail-in ballot, but you’ll drop it off. That doesn’t make any sense.

Editor’s note: There is a 24-hour drop box at the elections office.

Loved the column

I’m responding to Sound Off to Mr. Mulligan’s article on Sunday (June 28, 2020, front-page Commentary section), which I really loved, “The ‘good old boys’ no more.” I got a kick out of it. I’m glad to see he’s from my area of the Bronx, New York. I totally disagree when he said, “Dawsy is a New Yorker who at least had the good sense to be a Mets fan.” Yeah, I guess you’re right because, what, in the ’70s the Yankees really sucked, didn’t they?

Lots of roadside litter

I believe Citrus County is a very beautiful place to live, but we seem to have a large amount of folks that don’t seem to keep it clean. We have lots of litter along our roadsides. I know it’s tough for the police to enforce these pigs that like to throw their trash out along the sides of the road, but I do believe the county commissioners and the police department can enforce the litter laws by coming down on some of the businesses that also are an eyesore to the community. ... If law enforcement would take notice of some of the businesses and impose fines, I think it would go a long way to keeping the community clean.

Bar closings inevitable

Closing the bars had to be done. My wife and I went to three different bars last week and we were so surprised. After letting them reopen, you would think they would follow the rules. But, no, there was no distancing at all. The stools at the bar were almost all full, with no distance in between. And in all these three places, we were the only ones wearing masks. What else can we expect? If you don’t go by the rules, you can’t play the game.