Where’s the choice?

On the front page (Sunday, June 21, 2020), it says, “Pick 6,” “Voters have wide choice for commission District 3,” and then they’re all Republicans. What choice is that?...

Thanks for the chuckle

I’m calling Sound Off in reference to Mr. Mulligan’s Sunday article on Father’s Day (June 21, 2020). I want to say thanks for the chuckle. As always, you have hilarious stories. I think in your lifetime, my friend, you should be called “Pickles.” That should be your nickname because you sure get yourself in some pickles, but thank you for the great article. It made my Father’s Day. I thought it was hilarious. Thank you.

Water access always crowded

Hey there, Citrus County. I was just wondering, am I the only one that notices what a cluster it is to get in and out of the river in Crystal River or over in the barge canal or let’s even say the Homosassa or even out at Gulf Beach? There’s no parking. There’s nobody directing traffic. People are parking in front of people’s houses on the roadway. At the end of the day, it’s not going to get any better; it’s only going to get worse. We need to look at some better examples of different surrounding waterfront communities who allow ample parking and ample dock space for recreational boaters coming into the county and for the citizens of Citrus County. I was just on the river yesterday and I must have seen a few hundred kayaks, a few hundred boats. Where are all these people parking? Who are all these people? They want to enjoy what we have here and I understand that, but we are definitely not adequate equipped for this explosion that’s going on. Even at our nice, little Hunter Springs beach, 200 people are swimming around — maybe even 300 — with no lifeguard, nobody watching what’s doing on. It’s just an accident waiting to happen at all the locations. I would think we would try to do something a lot better for the residents and our visitors.

More testing needed

I find it really comical that “Tito” (Ernesto Rubio, DOH-Citrus Administrator) is bragging about 7,700 coronavirus tests in Citrus County. It should be more like 77,000. Then you would have something to brag about. And I am quite sure that the Chronicle could use several pages to cover all the Sound Offs that have been called in. Now please do your job.

Accident debris piles up

On (County Road) 486 and Croft Road, there was an accident, I don’t know, at least a week or so ago and they just piled up all the debris — glass and all — on the corner of Croft and (C.R.) 486 on the Hernando side, going towards Hernando on U.S. 41. I thought somebody was supposed to clean up that mess and now it’s scattered from people hitting it and stuff. If somebody gets a blowout, they may lose control and cause another accident. That’s ridiculous. In other towns we’ve been in, we’ve seen accidents and we’ve seen people sweeping it up. So can somebody answer me? I thought somebody’s supposed to clean up accidents and not leave all the junk there to cause another one. If so, who’s supposed to do it?

Look at ways to make seniors safer

With the increased cases of the virus in Citrus County, I feel the county commissioners should be looking at ways to make the seniors safer since we make up a high majority of the population. Our nearby counties are now mandating that all employees wear masks in stores and restaurants. This is not the case here. Most chain stores and restaurants are, but the small mom and pops are not. Do the smart thing: Keep us all safe and mandate employees to wear masks in Citrus County.