It’s not a superhighway

(The Jan. 18 Sound Off) “Drive in the right lane” really makes me angry. People down here have to realize this is not a superhighway. It’s right- and left-hand-turn lanes, is what it is. I even pulled off for an ambulance on the right-hand side last week and nobody would let me back on the road. Nobody turned off except me and nobody would let me back on the road ’til all the cars passed. Don’t tell me about how (U.S.) 19 rules are. I’ve been down here 24 years.

Correct the traffic

I’m responding to (the Jan. 19 Sound Off) “You don’t need a traffic signal on State Road 200.” I agree with you. I’m not the one that was in front of you, but during the Korean War, I suffered a neck injury and if my wife is not with me, it’s almost impossible for me to see the traffic coming from the right. The traffic coming from the right is coming fast and they need to change the angle so where you can come in straight and see the traffic on the right. That’s what it needs to be done. Correct the traffic. I feel bad for the person in front of you, because he probably can’t turn his neck over, either.

Is bingo gambling?

Just saw Stat Cop saying something about not having gambling in the area (in the Jan. 19 Sound Off, “You cannot have a casino in Citrus”). Question: Is bingo gambling? Are Lotto tickets gambling? Is life insurance or car insurance gambling? Give me a break. If people buy chances to anything, that’s gambling. I wonder who gets the money from the places that police raid at the sweepstakes. There’s a lot of money in there because they pay off thousands of dollars to winners. Where does that money go? How do you know how much they collected? Wake up. You have machines in all the local organizational clubs. Sometimes they are raided. ... They’re gone one day, they’re back the next.

Dealing with VA is difficult

I am the surviving spouse of a Navy veteran of 30-plus years. I’ve been navigating the VA system for information regarding benefits due him because of his years in Vietnam and his exposure to Agent Orange. Unfortunately, this experience has left me with a poor impression with their intent to help and their “deny, deny, deny” philosophy regarding veterans. Fortunately, I received an update letter from the VA that included information on how to reach out to the VA via their email or a phone call. I opted for a phone call in order to speak with a real-live person. After waiting about 20 minutes on the phone and providing three pieces of information, I was connected to a caring and patient woman who assisted me. I offer the helpline number, 1-800-827-1000, in the hopes that someone else will receive the appropriate help needed. The three pieces of information are: veteran’s Social Security number, date of birth and branch of service. In my case, all the paperwork regarding his benefits had been filed years ago, but either denied, ignored or buried. All she had to do was access her computer system and the information was at her fingertips. If you haven’t filed paperwork but feel you have a claim, I’m sure a phone call will bring the paperwork to your doorstep along with what you need to proceed. A short phone call is worth your time, believe me.

Tired of complainers

I am so over reading Sound Off with people just complaining about everything. Most have no solutions. All we hear are complaints: “There’s not enough deputies on the roads to give tickets. I want a deputy in my neighborhood. I want a deputy over here. How could you not be there? Our fire equipment is not up to date and they can’t get to us fast enough and, god forbid, somebody go get a sandwich with a truck. The EMS response times aren’t good enough — let’s fix that or get somebody new. Our roads need to be paved.” It doesn’t matter if it’s a big road like (State Road) 44 or somebody’s road that goes right to their street and to their home — they want that paved. They want a lot of stuff in this county, like the bus from Homosassa. They want the kids in this county not to get in trouble and not to cause crime, but have you noticed that nobody wants to pay an extra cent for it in taxes? They keep yelling at us, “We’re not the North, so if you don’t like it, go back up North,” but they don’t want to do anything to improve anything. Maybe if they could think farther than five or 10 years down the road, they could understand that we need a little more money in this county. We need money to make things happen. If you do not want crime, then invest a little bit of money so that children in this county can get a decent education, so that teachers stay teachers with experience and so that support staff stay. Then maybe when those kids graduate, they’ll go to college or a trade school or something where they don’t have to rob you or they don’t have to get involved with drugs because there’s nothing left for them. Stop complaining. Put a little money towards the problems. You’re not going to get anything for free. Maybe we come from the North and make suggestions because we know that it takes a little money to have things happen — not saying exorbitant taxes like in other states, but just give a little more.

Turn off your sprinklers

I’m calling about the water regulations. I have a well. I know — I own it, I built it, I own it. I don’t abuse the water, though. In the wintertime, I may put my sprinklers on once a month, sometimes twice if the grass gets a little brown. All you people on wells, don’t be so self-sufficient and think you’re above everybody else. Turn off your sprinklers. Turn them off. Put them on once every two weeks. You’ll be so happy. Come look at my lawn. Done complaining now, bye.

Library needs to be open Saturdays

Read in the Sound Off that the Coastal Region Library in Crystal River is closed on Saturday. How on earth can schoolchildren go to the library to get a book when they go to school all week and Saturday is their only day to go to the library? It needs to be open on Saturdays. It’s crazy that they closed it on Saturday. It needs to be open on Saturday and closed on Sunday and Monday.

Time for decorations to come down

I think it’s time you take those so-called Christmas decorations down in Citrus Springs. I see how much they care about us here. Today’s Jan. 19 and the Christmas decorations that don’t work are still hanging up. Take them down.

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