Sound OFF

Signal won’t work, speed bumps will

In the (Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021) Sound Off, “Signal won’t work, a deputy will,” they say on Eden Drive and Old Floral City (Road), the bicyclists are passing through and just running by and the signal won’t work. I agree that a signal’s not going to work. (Don’t) put a deputy in and waste taxpayers’ money. ... Why don’t you put a couple of speed bumps in before the roadway? This way they will slow down and not completely go straight through…Put speed bumps in before the roadway so they have to slow down. Or they can ride the bump, because they make them nice and big, or they don’t have to ride the bump. That’s my philosophy…

Look to Hernando’s example for fees

The Citrus County BOCC has just singled out boaters with trailers for a launch fee while allowing other recreational users of county property a free pass. Hernando County is all-inclusive for recreational user fees and, effective March 1, parking fees at four of their parks and ramps will increase to $10 per vehicle. The remainder of the parks that have fees will be $5 per vehicle to park. They also have an annual pass system. Citrus County should not invoke a fee for these boaters and provide free parking or a free ride for the rest of the recreational users in our county. Check it out, BOCC, at

Why don’t you use turn signals?

I once asked a friend why she never used her turn signals. She replied it was nobody’s business where she was going.