Just got a Christmas card

My sister and I had a good laugh yesterday. She lives in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, and yesterday, the mailman brought me an envelope dated mailed on Dec. 15, 2020. It was a Christmas card and was delivered at my house on Feb. 13, 2021.

Gentleman needed to pick up trash

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I was just reading the Sound Offs in Sunday’s paper and I loved the one about the gentleman who was picking up the trash (Feb. 14, 2021, Page C4, “Thanks for picking up trash”). I wish I had a gentleman living next door who would pick up the trash, but I think that’s great. The only thing is the one that said something about the fingerprints (“Lift prints from garbage cans”). What happens when it rains? You can’t prove anything. Anyway, I wish I had a gentleman who lived next door.

Waiting for a vaccine callback

One more call about the vaccine. I’m in my 80s. I called approximately three weeks ago. I answered all the questions. It’s like a robocall. You can’t ask them anything and they didn’t ask for an email. I haven’t got a call back. I was reading in the paper where the people are thanking our illustrious Gov. DeSantis. Don’t be thanking him if you got the vaccine. He said all of the seniors in Florida have been vaccinated. When it come out, he said no one under 25 has died. He said that children can’t get it at school or bring it home. He don’t know anything about it. He don’t know who’s had it. He don’t know who has not got it. ... He don’t know what he’s talking about half the time…Thank you for letting me sound off. You all stay safe.

Taxes pay for how you want to live

“Tax” is not a four-letter word; rather, it’s the price we pay for the country we want. I hate paying taxes, but I truly love the civilization they give me.

Looking for the purple martins

Has anyone seen any purple martins in Citrus County, especially in the Crystal River area? We love watching their aerial acrobatics but haven’t seen the first martin this year. There was a small flock in December for a couple of days, but they soon disappeared.

Crystal River needs a dog park

Where is the dog park? City of Crystal River owns dozens of properties that would be appropriate for a dog park, perhaps adjacent to the city compound or the water treatment plant. Come on, Crystal River. What’s taking so long? I’ve been waiting for decades.