Robins arrive early, meaning an early summer

I’ve been watching the robins arrive for the last 26 years here in Citrus Springs. Today, Nov. 29, I’ve seen my first robins at 2:30 this afternoon. The old saying is, back up north, this means an early summer. I’ve been watching these robins and normally they arrive in January. The first I’ve ever seen them this early is January, the first week. Just thought I’d let everybody know.

Tips not a requirement to eat out

This is to the (person) who put this “Tip, or don’t eat out” thing in (the Nov. 30 Sound Off). A tip is a gratuity and it’s meant to be a reward for good service. If you’re getting neither or you can’t afford it, it’s just that — a gratuity. It’s not a requirement to eat out. Make these restaurants pay their employees better wages.

Move to an intelligent state of your liking

I’m responding to (the Dec. 1 Sound Off) “Why should Duke have to pay?” First of all, they provide jobs in Citrus County. So that’s a good factor. Your sentence here says: “The Sunshine State should be going solar. Intelligent people know that, but apparently not the non-climate-warming believers in Citrus County, like some of our commissioners.” So if you’re really intelligent, then why don’t you go and move to an intelligent state of your liking that has solar power? Then you don’t have to worry about complaining. So why do you stay here in Citrus County? That’s my first question to you. If you hate it that bad, why don’t you leave and be with your intellectual people that you feel you’re more comfortable with?

You should have used different photograph

We’re calling about today’s (Sunday, Dec. 1) Business section’s front page written by Mike Bates, your staff writer, “County’s ‘sweet spot’ business group” with Dennis Damato’s photograph and, for some reason, Josh Wooten’s, whose name is not even mentioned in this article. The photograph should have been of Jim Green, the CBA chairman. This doesn’t make sense. Let Mike know to be careful next time.

Editor’s note: Chamber of Commerce CEO Josh Wooten is mentioned in the ninth paragraph.

Past vision was not pretty

You have got to be kidding. Former commissioner (Dennis) Damato wants to direct the county’s future development? Isn’t he the same “clown” — what they are calling our commissioners nowadays — who cost the taxpayers millions of dollars for his medical corridor dream which never happened? Who created the beautiful new landscape on (County Road) 491 and (State Road) 44? How many beautiful trees were cut down because of his dream? Mr. Damato needs to stay in political retirement. We have seen his vision in the past and it was not pretty.

Picnic tables are available locally

I’m calling about the person looking for a picnic table, pressure-treated. Lowe’s had them setting in front of their store. Today’s Dec.1 and I was there the last of November, which was yesterday, and there’s one setting right outside at Lowe’s by the barbecue grills. Maybe the person looking might want to check with their eyeglass place and buy some glasses.

City council on par with county commission

You’re talking about the clown car. You did a real good job, but I think you forgot about the fantastic council members — I think in Inverness — that made this shopping center but they forgot to figure out what it’s going to take to maintain it. That is really, really smart. The other people you forgot is the city hall people in Crystal River. There is a few of them that can ride car real good.

Avoid the middleman contractor

Having recently read the article regarding the upkeep of the Depot District parks, I’m wondering why hire the construction contractor when you can just give the contract to this landscape contractor, Smithwell, and just avoid the middleman contractor and paying a fee to him to oversee the landscaper? I think it makes a lot more sense and would be cheaper.

A way to avoid ridiculous barrier

There is a way for people going westbound on West Cardinal Street to get to the Circle K and circumvent that ridiculous barrier. It is to turn south or left into the Walmart rear entrance, go all the way to the end, make a right or west turn, which will then take you to (U.S.) 19 and then you would make a right turn and you’ll be on your way to making a quick right turn into the Circle K for now. This barrier business reminded me of that not many years ago on (County Road) 486, with respect to the one near the then-Chevron and now Mobile station on, you know, Norvell Bryant (Highway).

Be patient with those using handicapped carts

I was calling about people on the handicapped carts in the stores and the people that are walking around them. I’ve encountered many times people coming by while I was in a tight spot and other people were in a tight spot on the cart while riding it and I’ve already started through where I put the thing in backup and somebody said, “Well, don’t look.” Well, they have that go two ways. You have to look, too. That’s why it’s got back-up beepers on it, so you can hear. Sometimes the person can’t hear or see you, either, especially here. It’s noisy in there and I always happen to look where I am. And I had a woman come to me today and say, “Don’t look.” Well, what was the matter with her? And I did tell her, “You don’t have to be so nasty.” And don’t be nasty, try to be nice to everyone. She could have yelled at me just as easily and said, “Whoa,” because you know she heard my backup things. ... She’s just equally at fault. She’s got to watch herself, too, as does everybody else. Be nice.

Second Amendment rights already protected

A message to Commissioner Carnahan, who wants to make Citrus County a Second Amendment sanctuary: Our Second Amendment rights are protected by the ratification of the Second Amendment from Dec. 15, 1791, as a part of the Bill of Rights — and this is not fake news — and your buddy, President Trump, or a successor will protect these unalienable rights.

Designate the money for road paving

In regard to this extra $13 million in taxes we’re supposedly going to get from Duke, I feel the commissioners should have some backbone for once and change the rules. Designate this money for road paving in this county instead of blowing it on these worthless road projects that they come up with.

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