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Those flags were disgusting

This is Easter weekend. My husband and I and my sister went out to Wendy’s for supper on Saturday night. When we got down by the end of (County Road) 486 and (State Road) 44, we were just plain amazed at what we saw. There was a van parked where the old theater used to be with tons of flags around the van. We started to read the flags. I was so disgusted. On the holiday weekend, people from out of town and here in Citrus County had to see that. It said “F” Biden. On all the flags, it was written — some of it upside down. Every one of the flags said that. On the way back, I was so mad when we turned up our road to go to Pine Ridge – and of course they were still there — I yelled at them, “Get out of Citrus County!” They put their hands up and gave me the finger from the road where they were. I cannot believe the cops did not go down there.

Do something about the sign

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How long is it going to take someone from the county to do something about that sign at the corner of Golden Street and (County Road) 491 in Beverly Hills?

Carts blocked handicapped access

Before I went in (a store), they had nine shopping carts blocking the handicapped walkway between the two handicapped spots. I told a (manager) and she said she would take care of it. I did all my shopping, came out and now there’s 12 carts still there. I had to call the store to speak to the manager to get the carts out of there.

Company called way too early

I’m just calling because I’m really annoyed this morning. (A cable company) calls me at 6:45 in the morning to remind me that I have an appointment at 4 o’clock. Anyway, I thought that was just crazy and I had to call up and sound off somewhere. When they called, I didn’t know who it was, so I let the phone ring and ring and ring. Then the only reason I answered it was because I thought it might be something wrong or my kids were in an accident. That’s the only reason, but I’m still in shock that they called that early for an appointment at 4 o’clock.

BH vaccine site was well organized

If you don’t mind going to Beverly Hills for your vaccination, try calling (352) 441-2195. They’re very efficient and organized there and it will take anywhere from between half an hour and one hour to complete the whole vaccination.