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Putting Citrus on the map for wrong reason

I picked up the paper a couple days ago and it’s the usual stuff on the front page, but I’m looking at this (Tuesday, Oct. 19, front-page) article about COVID cases falling and then underneath the headline, it says we, Citrus County, had record-setting death rates from COVID. So, Citrus had the worst death rates in the country this summer – in the country. This should have been the screaming headline when nine people a day were dying of COVID all around Florida and Citrus County, especially. We put ourselves on the map, all right. Where were our leaders? Oh yeah, they were busy bragging about how good we’re doing and banning mask mandates. May those who died rest in peace and may God bless their families. 

Maybe sign should be changed

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(Re the Friday, Oct. 22, front-page story, “Gov. calls special session,” “Simpson, Massullo back plan to have lawmakers address vaccine mandates”): Gov. DeSantis vows to take action against government and businesses that choose to follow CDC guidelines by calling for a special legislative session. Rep. Massullo supports Gov. DeSantis’ actions. I wonder why, since he has a sign on the front door of his medical office in Lecanto requiring masks before entering. Perhaps Rep. Massullo should change the sign to say, “Masks are not required, it’s your choice.”