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Roundabouts prevent deaths

I’d like to comment again on “I’ll adapt to a roundabout” (in Saturday, Nov. 27’s Page A8 Sound Off). Well, maybe this guy should have lived where we lived in Michigan and seen the result after about 10 years of a roundabout being in. We’ve had no fatalities there — a few minor fender-benders — but prior to that, there was an average of six to 10 people killed and many people injured because it was a crossroad and people liked to run red lights going 60 mph right through them and that’s why they had so many fatalities. So I think this guy is very, very wrong. Maybe he better check with his highway department or his local area of business concerning vehicle accidents. Check with the police and ask how many accidents have been in these places they’ll replace. Then I’ll believe what he’s saying, but I never will because the fact remains: they do prevent deaths.

Cut the school budget

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I’m responding to the Sound Off, “Schools approaching full capacity” (Saturday, Nov. 27, Page A8). I totally disagree with you. They should still cut the school budget, period. And you’re saying they’re at full capacity, but you still want them to build, build, build and bring more people and children. Really? They could cut the budget and operate. It’s working within your budget. Even if it’s at full capacity, you could still cut the budget. Quit making excuses. And there should be no virtual teaching, just brick and mortar, period. That’s the bottom line.

Universal garbage pick-up wrong idea

The paper on Nov. 28 says that the commissioners are again considering universal garbage pick-up (Sunday’s front-page story, “County to mull garbage bids,” “Commissioners will weigh multiple options in considering universal service”). Here is what I would like to tell the commissioners: We have Waste Pro and we totally believe in a competitive business environment and going to a solo or a single universal garbage pick-up is the wrong idea. I want the commissioners to know that if they, in fact, do that and my garbage does not get picked up, it’s going to be in front of their offices or in front of their home. Hear me? I’m going to be pretty upset and you’re going to end up having to get rid of my garbage.

That Sound Off was nasty

I’m replying to today’s Sound Off regarding “One person in a booth for four” (Sunday, Nov. 28, Page C4). You started by saying, “I don’t know who you locals think you are.” Well, we’re human beings just like you and if someone has the tenacity to go out even though they feel alone, who the heck are you to write such a nasty Sound Off? Take your family somewhere else. Shame on you.

Customer was rude

I’m reading this Sunday’s Sound Off (Nov. 28, Page C4), “One person in a booth for four,” and how rude this person was to go up and tell a man to get out of there because he’s got a family to feed. Hey, did that person have all six people seated in the car properly? Try the drive-thru. This ain’t just for you. You come down here with rudeness about how us locals do things? It’s called first-come, first-served. See ya!

Where do I get a boat ramp pass?

Today’s Sunday, Nov. 28 and we’re going to be coming up with the major holidays — Christmas and all and then New Year’s – and I was wondering if the Chronicle could either give us some information or give us some help on finding out where we’re going to be able to get the passes for the boat ramps. So far I don’t know where to send anything or how to go about obtaining one. Any help would be appreciated and I thank you.

Editor’s note: Premium Parking Service L.L.C, has been contracted to handle the collection and enforcement of the launch fees. Customers will have the option to pay for the launch fees by downloading the Premium Parking app, using the QR code (located at the ramps), or calling 844-236-2011 customer service number for payment. Customers can choose to pay the daily launch fee or register for the resident or non-resident annual passes directly through the Premium Parking software.

Problems getting money

I’m wondering if anyone else found it kind of difficult to get any money, as far as ATMs go, in the Homosassa area. I personally saw three temporarily out of order, having nothing to do with each other. These were different grocery stores, different ATM companies. That’s a coincidence, all three of them out. … Good luck with that, bank people.

Arrest reports not being published

I’m curious. Why are the arrest reports not being published as they have been in the past? There was a huge incident on Daffodil two nights ago with six police cars and guns drawn. Curious as to what happened.

Editor’s note: Arrest reports are published when we get them from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

Making Citrus into New York

This is Citrus County, not New York. So don’t try and make it into the place you just left.