CMH needs mental health facility

I’m responding to your (Jan. 18 front-page) article, “New decade for CMH,” “Ginger Carroll assumes CEO position, plans for future.” In the future, she’s talking about expanding the hospital’s emergency department, updating the labor and baby delivery department and etc. I see nothing in there about a mental health facility annex. You mean to tell me that with the vacant lot next door and the alleged problems we have with mental illness in Citrus County, Citrus Memorial Hospital is not going to look into at least opening a mental facility in close proximity to the hospital? Don’t you think that should be in the future plans for Citrus Memorial Hospital? I think so. Apparently, they do not.

Is it Homosassa or not?

(Re the Jan. 18 Sound Off, “It’s Homosassa, OK?”) I’m calling about the Sugarmill Woods area, Homosassa, etc., or Chassahowitzka. This person who wrote back in about where which subdivision and what side we are is wrong. They haven’t lived here since the beginning of time. They say Chassahowitzka and Sugarmill Woods is Homosassa. It is not Homosassa. The reason that they have Homosassa as addresses all the way around there is because they get their mail from the Homosassa post office because there is no post office in the Sugarmill Woods subdivision area, there is no post office in the Chassahowitzka area and there is no post office on (U.S.) 98. Chassahowitzka is only off of (U.S.) 98 and (U.S.) 19 towards the west, when you get down that way. Chassahowitzka is not on (U.S.) 19 or (U.S.) 98. Sugarmill Woods does go to (U.S.) 98. Those subdivisions coming off of (U.S.) 98 are part of the Sugarmill Woods extensions. Sugarmill Woods is not a town, it is not a city, it is only a subdivision and it does back up to the Publix shopping center because it has expanded so much — the same as The Villages over in Sumter County. It is a subdivision, but they probably have a post office. So someone needs to think about what they’re thinking about.

Confused about the complaining

I don’t understand why folks are always complaining about what to call the area down at the intersection of (U.S.) 19 and (U.S.) 98. It seems to be the folks from Chassahowitzka who keep complaining and it sounds like they’re so proud of being from there. I just wish someone can explain (it) to me.

Use common sense when driving

In response to the (Jan. 18) Sound Off, “Drive in the right lane.” Although I agree with you that it is the law, but if you really think about it — and it’s common sense — if everyone stayed in the right lane, traffic would be backed up for miles. So you do have to drive in the left lane even though it’s for passing. Otherwise, if you stay in the right lane, traffic will be backed up totally. So it’s not lacking common courtesy; it’s just a matter of common sense.

We can’t all drive in the right lane

In today’s paper (Jan. 18’s Sound Off), an individual says we should all stay in the right lane unless we’re passing or turning. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not. Can you imagine one lane of traffic going through Homosassa? Right now it takes us 15 minutes to get through on some days. We’re all just supposed to sit in the right lane? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Get a lock and a chain

I’m responding to (the Jan. 18) “Hot Corner: Bike Racks.” My, my, my, how the truth must hurt when you tell them if you want a bike rack, buy it yourself. Boy, all these uppity bikers say it’s not their responsibility. Well, if you want to patronize that restaurant, I suggest you look for a place to park your bike, get a lock and chain — whether it’s to a tree, a pole or whatever — and go patronize the restaurant. Or if you feel that strongly that the restaurant is in need of a bike rack, why don’t you go into the restaurant, suggest it to the owner and say, “Look, I’m willing to start this and give some money down toward a bike rack or the bike association is willing to do it.” ... Are they too lazy and too cheap to buy a lock and a chain to put around their bike and find a tree or a pole to lock their bike? They want everybody to buy them a bike rack. Are they that lazy that they just can’t buy a lock and key? Really? Go buy one. ... Another person makes the statement, “People are hiding behind phone calls without names and anonymity to be mean, rude and disrespectful.” Does it really make a difference if my name’s in the paper? I have no problem putting my name in the paper to say how I feel. And if you don’t like it, hit the road, Jack. If they put their name up, what are you going to do about it? Do you want to crucify them because they made that statement? Well, then that’s terrible on your behalf because you don’t respect them for their opinions. I am one that said also that if you want a bike rack, you pay for it. I have no problem giving you my name and if you don’t like it, like I said, hit the road, Jack.

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