Sound OFF

Waiting for COVID test results

(Re the Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, Page A8 “Hot Corner: COVID,” call No. 2): This is the person that called in about their friends still haven’t gotten their COVID test results since before Christmas. You’re right, CVS does a wonderful job. They got theirs from the health department when the health department was doing it. I waited over three weeks to get my results from the health department in the beginning. So, yes, I would just go to CVS and the heck with the health department.

Thanks for cleaning up highway

Just a shout-out to the community-minded residents of Arbor Lakes, who recently picked up countless bags of litter along (State Road) 200. Organized by Michigan snowbird Jimmy Lawler, this precision cleanup has been going on for many years, ensuring that Hernando’s scenic beauty will continue to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike. Thanks to the residents of Arbor Lakes for leading by example and providing a gift of love and positivity during these challenging days of the pandemic.

Save the money, and try this

Regarding warning lights at Mossy Oak Drive and the bike trail, save money by trying this first: Move the stop sign for eastbound traffic on Mossy Oak to the west side of the trail so drivers stop before the trail. Visibility isn’t affected at the four-way stop for either the trail or the intersection. No $32,000 sign needed.

Where’s my school district rebate?

Recently, I saw online where numerous school districts across the nation are sending their taxpayers rebates, due to the fact that the cost of education has decreased with the children not being in schools. So I was just wondering, when might we see our rebate check from Citrus County School District? I’d appreciate if someone could research that for me.

Surprised by BOCC decision

I am extremely disappointed in the Citrus County commissioners. I really thought that the COVID CARES money would go to businesses. It doesn’t matter if it’s $10 or $10,000. And I’m really surprised at Ruthie Schlabach because she is a business owner and I would think that she would understand that any amount of money, even $700, could pay a business’s light bill, it could pay their insurance premium for that month, or whatever. How dare the commissioners take money that is meant to keep us afloat — that is meant to keep our businesses working so people can work at those businesses — and take that money for a pet project? Shame on you. And I call on all of the residents of Citrus County to go to the next county commissioners meeting...

We need vaccines at my complex

I live in a senior apartment complex and it’s owned by a corporation in Georgia. I’m 78 years old and have one lung and I’ve been trying to get someone to come to our apartment complex. We have 108 apartments here and 80% are unable to drive and I would like for someone to contact us or contact all people that have a situation like mine and please help us out. We have been told that as soon as the nursing homes are taken care of, the adult assisted livings will be taken care of and we have not had any response.

Release form to get the vaccine

I’m calling responding to Sound Off about all these people complaining about they can’t get online for their vaccine shot and you’re 80 years old, 70 years old. It don’t make a difference of your age. Now I’ll give you an example here that I’ve never read in the Chronicle or anywhere: I am at Quality of Life (QOL), so that’s all I have. The doctors recommend I get the vaccine, but I always go by what my one cardiologist says — who resides in Citrus County — that I have to have a release form from my doctor saying it’s OK for me to get the shot. Now no one’s ever mentioned that. I go to Shands every four months. They have not even mentioned that. My primary doctor has never, ever mentioned that. So how come this cardiologist says there’s a form for the CDC that says they need a release form from the patient for them to receive the shot? So now where does all this miscommunication come from? Makes you wonder.