Editorial and ad appear on same day

(Re the Feb. 7 editorial, “Bottled water operators sucking Florida dry”): What a coincidence, the same day that you had a editorial about that company that steals all our Florida water, they had a ad on TV about what a great company they are and how they provide 200-and-some jobs to Floridians. It’s just not worth the cost. And here I am, only able to water or wash my car one day a week while they get all that free water. It’s not right.

Hats off to two sheriffs

(Re the Feb. 8 front-page story, “Jury sides with sheriff in lawsuit”): I just want to congratulate Sheriff Prendergast and Dawsy and those who were held with this awful sex discrimination lawsuit by Ms. Cogar. ... I take my (hat) off to both sheriffs for giving her the chances that she got and Prendergast for giving another one. My goodness, how many more did she need? I’m for the sheriff in this one, both of them, and I’m happy. Congratulations and God bless you and have a good day.

Where’s Webster’s vote?

On your article (Feb. 9, Page A10), “How your lawmakers voted,” out of five of the seven items, apparently (Rep. Daniel) Webster did not vote. Was he not allowed to vote? If he’s not voting, what the heck is he doing?

You must mean East Palm Bay

Hello, Gerry, I think in your “Poop in the Shoe” column (Sunday, Feb. 9’s front-page Commentary), you meant to say East Palm Beach, not West. I believe they have completely different demographics. No wonder your dog poops in your shoe. Laughing out loud. Have a great day.

Pull over for emergency vehicles

I’m calling about the ambulance problem we have in Citrus County. One thing I’ve noticed on several occasions is that people in Florida do not pull over for an emergency vehicle. I think this is very important and it would probably help the emergency vehicles with their times. So please, people, please p over when you see or hear an emergency vehicle.

“No Solicitors” means no solicitors

This is for (church representatives) who go door to door: I want you guys to stop coming on Columbus Street. We do not want your religion. Everybody has their own religion and if a person has a statue in front of their house, they’re Catholic. Stop harassing everybody. I want them to stop going door to door and stop ringing the bell and stop looking in the windows and stop doing everything. They stopped by today at 10:30 and they’re going door to door to show their religion to people. ... I want you guys to stop doing your stuff. We are Catholic, so please stop. You guys have got to stop going door to door right now. No solicitors, nothing. If you know how to read, read it when somebody has it on the door — “No Solicitors” — and that’s the truth.

Thanks for buying my groceries

Joan, thank you so much. You paid for my groceries at the Inverness Save-A-Lot. I had three different people’s food stamp cards. None of them worked. They were all declined. They were supposed to be refinanced on the 8th of each month and they did not work and you paid for my groceries. God bless you. God bless you…and I gave you my name and phone number because my husband’s an excellent mechanic to help you with anything you need. Thank you. God bless.

Looking for a cowboy church

I’m looking for a church that used to be old cowboy music all the time and I don’t know where it went. It was on Saturday nights and there wasn’t any of this Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues stuff, but I think it was in Lecanto. The people there at the new church are nice and all, but this church only had cowboy music. I want to hear Ernest Tubb and Tennessee Ernie Ford and Dottie West and wanting to know where they went and I understand you could get married there and not have to worry about paying for the legal forms and stuff. If somebody could write in and tell me where that is, I’d appreciate it.

They’ll sit this one out

We have had county commissioners that have kicked the can down the road for county issues, but our current BOCC is different. They are sitting out the traffic congestion danger at the (County Road) 491/(State Road) 200 intersection to successor commissioners ...

No burning in your backyard

I’m calling in about the people of Beverly Hills burning in their backyards. It’s illegal to burn in your backyard in this county. You’re supposed to be 25 feet away from forests, 50 feet away from a paved road, 25 feet away from your own house and 150 feet away from other occupied buildings. A fire can’t be more than 8 foot in diameter and it has to be in, you have to dig a pit, or a noncombustible container. This comes from the Florida Forest Service and it is statewide. I will be driving around looking for people burning and when I find them, I’m going to write down the address, take a picture and give it to authorities. I am sick and I am tired of having ashes all over my house and my car. You will start a fire. Stop burning in your back yard. It is illegal and absolutely no garbage can be burned. I’ll be watching.

How much is gas tomorrow?

The new game in town: Guess the price of gas for tomorrow. Play with the kids and give them some money every time they’re right.

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