That’s one depressing story

(Re the Nov. 28 lead front-page story, “Bank site under contract”): Whoa, this is one of the most depressing headlines I’ve ever seen on the Chronicle, especially on Thanksgiving. The Regions Bank, the Taj Mahal — a showpiece of Inverness, in my opinion, since I’ve been going there in 1983 when I visited my parents — and you want to knock that building down? OK, Regions wants to move out of it — boo to them — but why must it be knocked down? What other cool-looking building is there? There’s city hall — yeah, that’s an interesting building — and the Old Courthouse, but then you’ve got this thing on the corner for people to come in and you’ve got this beautiful building. Why can’t you have these retail stores in this building? Don’t tell me it’s in that bad of shape. ... Please save the building. I hope you print this Sound Off and other people call in and start saying, “Let’s save the building.” I know it’s customary now for stupid-idiot humans to knock things down, but let’s save our Taj Mahal of Inverness, the Regions Bank across from Heidi’s.

People complain, stores back out

I’m calling Sound Off in reference to where it says (on Nov. 28’s front page), “Wawa is out,” in Crystal River there. Well, you know what it really has to do with? A lot of people complaining we don’t need another gas station and a store. I think that was one issue behind it. But I also think the other issue is it’s a flood zone. How many times do you see the ground level and the next thing you know, it’s flooded with water. So I do not blame Wawa for pulling out.

Editor’s note: The story says the Wawa is out in Inverness, not Crystal River.

You have the wrong war

(Re Nov. 28’s Page A10 Chronicle Editorial Board Thanksgiving message): Tell Gerry Mulligan he may love his mother-in-law, but she didn’t serve in World War I. World War I was over in 1918. His mother-in-law was born in 1922. He means World War II, not World War I. But that’s all right, Gerry makes a mistake once in awhile — he’s entitled.

Not much traffic at YMCA

I’m calling (about the Nov. 28) Sound Off, “Put traffic light at YMCA.” Really? That is the most absurd thing I ever heard. I’ve never seen that much traffic coming out of the YMCA. I’ve seen numerous people make left turns with no problems. You just might be afraid to make the left turn. If you feel that strongly, make a right turn, go down a little ways get to the left hand and make a U-turn. They definitely do not need a light there at the YMCA. They do not need it, that’s for sure.

Sometimes it’s not their fault

Friday’s Sound Off (Nov. 29, “Quit making excuses, pay the money”): Well, let me tell you, the reason why people can’t pay their bills isn’t their fault a lot of times. The real root of the reason why people can’t pay their bills is because of an organization — a private organization, mind you – called the Federal Reserve. These bankers manipulate markets, Wall Street, everything. ... It’s no more federal than Federal Express. It’s a private banking institution. So don’t say, “Pay your bills, you got them and you need to pay them.” It’s not always the people’s fault. They were doing the right thing and the bankers deliberately moved the goal post…So it is not the public’s fault.

Taxpayer-paid advertising campaign

I just saw one of the sheriff’s department’s billboards and thought (it was) strange everyone was wearing a mask except for the sheriff. Then I remembered he was the only one running for office and probably wanting some sweet taxpayer-paid campaign advertisement. Thank you, sheriff.

Citrus Springs needs better Christmas lights

Inverness has beautiful lights for Christmas, Dunnellon has beautiful lights for Christmas and, holy heck, what is it that they call those things in Citrus Springs hanging from the light poles? They look like they’re about 6 inches tall. That is very embarrassing. Come on, Citrus Springs. Let’s get with the program and put up some beautiful Christmas lights like you used to.

Just pick one and get out of the way

Why is it in these convenience stores, you get behind someone and they request a pack of name-brand cigarettes (not in stock) and instead of just saying an alternate, they go, “Um, um, um,” looking at all the cigarettes? Does it really make a difference which alternative you pick? You’re filling your lungs up anyway with the chemicals that’s in all the cigarettes. So does it really make that much of a difference? If they don’t have your brand, just pick one and get it over with.

Drive behind me, you’ll get no ticket

I drive the speed limit or slightly above. This is for all the impatient drivers behind me: I am saving you the price of a ticket. Have a good day.

No special-needs playground equipment?

I was calling about the Inverness remodeled parks. I mean $10.5 million for the parks and there was no special-needs equipment in the playground area for the special-needs kids? And the parking lanes were really narrow and hard to even get in and out of vehicles. It’s unbelievable.

It’s noisy in Black Diamond

Unfortunately, I reside in Black Diamond and when I moved here, nothing was said from the Realtor about the constant noisy equipment they use. They sound like Sherman tanks with these tractors and four-wheelers. Here they sound like boats and Sherman tanks coming at 6 o’clock in the morning. At 5:30 in the morning, you hear this big, heavy noise. So you’re telling me Black Diamond couldn’t have bought a more sophisticated product that at least will curtail some of the noise? It’s really ridiculous, let alone annoying.

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