Sound OFF

Dispose of masks properly

In response to the Sound Off article in Sunday’s paper (Sept. 13, 2020, “Clean up discarded masks”), that the county should send cleanup people to pickup discarded masks in parking lots and on the road: How about the users of the masks discard them properly?

Throw away your own garbage

Today is Sunday, Sept. 13. In the Sound Off page, a comment was made about “Clean up discarded masks,” and they wanted the county workers to clean up the masks in the parking lots and along the roads. Why would the county be responsible for that? It’s the same thing as littering. Everybody has garbage cans at every business. Throw your own garbage away. It’s just like throwing a McDonald’s cup or a beverage cup from a fast-food restaurant — you don’t throw it on the road unless you have no respect for the county. Throw your own garbage away. Don’t expect someone else to pick up your garbage.

Concerned about Halloween

(Re the Monday, Sept. 14, 2020, “Hot Corner: Virus”): I was just wondering, somebody mentioned about Halloween and COVID and everybody coming outdoors and giving candy to the kids. I was wondering the same thing. I would like for the Chronicle to get on the story and find out. I’m in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas and I always give out candy and I was wondering, would a person still wear gloves and hand the candy to them? It is a concern. ... So you’re mentioning Halloween coming, but you’re not mentioning what different cities and areas are allowed to do. ... So what are we to do there? Could you please find out?

What’s going on?

What’s going on in this county? There was a write-up in the paper a couple of weeks ago about how no one can have more than 10 people in a group. I went by the VFW Sunday and you could not get another person in that building — the Knights of Columbus, the Moose, everybody. They’re having gun shows and everything, but we cannot open this county up like it should be. We’re going to open the bars up 50%. I went the other night to another county to play bingo. There was over 100 people there, two or three of them had masks and nobody was sitting 6 feet apart. It’s ridiculous. What’s the matter with this county? Who’s running it? Let’s open up some more places. Why aren’t the bingo halls open? Oh, I know, the person that’s running the show don’t like bingo. Come on, people. Get your act together.

Everything is overwhelmed

This Sound Off is about responsibility. Responsibility is overwhelmed and it makes it easier to spend taxpayer money for iPads and other irresponsible acts. Our justice system is overwhelmed. That makes it easier to release criminals. School system’s overwhelmed, sheriff’s office is overwhelmed. Criminals keep multiplying. Trash disposal’s overwhelmed. Roadways (are) overwhelmed with irresponsible drivers. Letters to the editor, the writers are overwhelmed with anonymous reports and outright twisted facts that contribute to distorting the truth.

Write shorter letters

Some of the letters to the editor are too long. I only read the short ones.

How to get iPads returned

Perhaps the schools could offer a $10 gift certificate or money to the students so that they would bring back their (iPads). It might be worth the expense and perhaps some (iPads) could be repaired and used again. Why don’t they try something like that and see what happens?

We need taxes

I know this is repetitive stuff, but these people who are consistently complaining about things — things being canceled, taxes, the schools need to cut salaries because teachers aren’t teaching — do these people not understand English? ... We need taxes. We still have parks, we still have roads, we still have county facilities, we have city facilities and you can’t run it without taxes. ... And then we’re complaining because we’re shutting down and not having the Veterans Day Parade and they’re having some other event. You do what you do to help yourself from being sick — wear the masks, sanitize and stay at home. You’ve got a better chance of staying healthy than if you do none of it and you stand in the middle of a place with hundreds of people and you’re surrounded shoulder to shoulder, face to face. ... People, what is wrong with this country that we don’t know that we have rules and regulations to follow and we need to follow them?

Thanks for your service

I want to thank Russ and Norma Brondyke for all the years of volunteer service they gave to the Citrus County schools. Thank you for the scholarships you gave to the high schools students. You are wonderful and kind people. God bless you and happy retirement.