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Vaccine has become political

There’s something I don’t understand in today’s front page, Sunday (Oct. 17), “Fear of the flu season,” “Health officials urge public to get vaccine.” Now why would people get vaccinated for the flu when these same people refuse, stand outside and scream at people for getting vaccinated for the COVID virus which has killed over 54,000 in Florida? Now why didn’t you run and campaign to get people (vaccinated for) the COVID? Because it’s political. We have a governor who isn’t worried. I read in the paper that he’s going to sue the president for (enforcing) mandates to get the shot. He doesn’t care about the 54,000. And the flu? You’re worried about the flu, which is good. I got my flu shot… 

Doesn’t sound right to me

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I’m responding to Sound Off (about) people saying to follow the science on this stupid COVID-19. Well, here it says (in Sunday, Oct. 17’s, Page A14 story), “FDA endorses booster shot for COVID-19 vaccine,” but in reading the article, it says they were unable to settle for the best timing in between six months, two months or four months. They do not know, so they’re just taking a gamble and saying, OK, it’s two months. The point is they do not know the timing. And you want me to follow the science when they can’t even agree on the time length of whether it’s two months, four months or six months? Really? No, that don’t sound right to me.

 I appreciate the effort

(Re Sunday, Oct. 17’s Page C1 Publisher’s File column titled, “Difficult days or ‘Murphy’s Law?’”): I’m just calling to tell Trina Murphy how much I appreciate all the effort it takes to get a newspaper out every day. Not only did she have to take over from a well-established, mostly loved previous publisher, but she had to deal with some unbelievable mechanical problems. Thank you for my dependable delivery of the news.

How will business park help city?

In reference to your (Monday, Oct. 18, front-page) article, “Business park moving forward”: What good is that going to do for the citizens of Inverness? It says, “building sites suitable for the site.” So you’re going to build something there, then build roads and that’s going to mean more traffic. How is that going to help the traffic situation already in Inverness?

Roundabout increases traffic problems

I have traveled all over the world and I was introduced to the roundabout in the state of New Jersey. I think it’s the dumbest thing that they ever did. It only increases traffic problems, accidents and people speed up to get into the lane. I don’t know why they ever had roundabouts.

Roundabout a bad idea

No roundabout. The roundabout scheduled for (U.S.) 98 and (County Road) 491 is absolutely asinine. $3.5 million? A traffic light would do absolutely what is necessary. This is the worst stupidity on the face of the earth and I hope that someone with a brain in their head will think about this and not put in a roundabout. For tractor trailers to be going around a roundabout? Absolutely outrageous.

Put time limit on political signs

Next year is an election year. Unlike our surrounding counties, we in Citrus County get to enjoy the bloom of the gardens of political signs from spring through the fall. Perhaps before the 22nd century our BOCC will get around to a 30- to 45-day limitation for these sign jungles along the roads throughout the county.

Just shut down TikTok

In reference to this TikTok that’s going on with the cellphones and with the teenagers and all. Why don’t we just shut it down? Why allow this social media with TikTok to be advertising on our telephones? Why is our government allowing this? It’s affecting our teens, causing vandalism and so forth and other issues. This should not be allowed in the United States of America.

 Make headline more specific

I was calling about that “Annie’s Mailbox,” because that headline that says, “Annie offers advice,” it says that every day. I know she offers advice. That’s what it is — advice for you, an advice column. But I don’t know what’s in it; if it’s about affairs or divorce or kids or friendship. Can somebody make that more specific?

 Can grid support electric vehicles?

GM and Ford and Hyundai and others are going to produce massive amounts of electric vehicles in the near future. My concern involves the electric grid of the country. If we are going to have several million electric cars draining power from the grid, can the grid support this added drain or are we going to build more polluting power plants? Has any of our leaders given a passing thought to what happens in five or 10 years? Also, I’m getting one next year.

 More retention areas needed

As I drive around the county, I notice roads like (County Roads) 486 and 491 have huge water-retention areas to catch the runoff from the road and they’re dry as a bone, of course, because they’re in the sand hills. But if you drive out County Roads 495 and 488, there’s no retention areas at all, other than people’s yards. Do those people not pay enough taxes to get retention areas to collect the runoff from the county roads? Do you have to live in Citrus Hills or Terra Vista or something to get a water-retention area?

 Good luck finding employees

So, apparently (some people) don’t want to work at restaurants and supermarkets. They’d rather be out doing construction jobs and roofing and working on cars. So, good luck finding employees to work at these places selling meat and unhealthy food to the rest of us.