Thank you Sugarmill ladies

On Nov. 20 of this year, the ladies at Sugarmill put on a tribute to the veterans of Sugarmill. It was one of the most outstanding presentations that I have ever been to for a veteran. The four-star general lady that you had speaking was fantastic. I’ll bet you she is a fantastic person to work for. Congratulations on her making four stars. She has a big, big role to play and she deserves it. Once again, thank you, the ladies of Sugarmill. The program was outstanding. Thank you.

Too many libraries?

I’m responding to a few things in Sound Off that were called in on Sunday, Nov. 24. One is “Maybe we have too many libraries.” Somebody called in and said we should shut the libraries down. Then we have somebody that says, “Fill in your own potholes,” OK? Then we have somebody that calls in and says, “Your kindness is your weakness,” which in the call-in, it said they did this “out of the kindness of your heart,” and basically, “don’t expect a thank you” and next time, don’t do it. There are too many libraries? They want to shut down the libraries. Then you’ve got a guy here that, oh, taxes are too much, so we have to fill up our own potholes. Really? And the other one is, “Sheriff drives an expensive vehicle.” Maybe we have too many libraries. Yeah, maybe we should shut them all down and, you know, no learning should go on…Then we have the sheriff driving an expensive vehicle. I don’t understand what that means. A decent police car that’s decently outfitted costs at least $60,000 if not more…Citrus County occupants are eating too many idiot sandwiches or we’re going in a high-tech route back to the mid ’30s and ’40s…

No problem making turn

I’m responding to (the Nov. 25 Sound Off) “Intersection makes me nervous,” on (County Road) 491 and (State Road) 200. I take it. I don’t seem to have a problem with it. You’ve just got to go out and make a left turn. For those of you who feel that way, I suggest you get up a little bit earlier in the morning, take (U.S.) 41 down to the beginning of (S.R.) 200 and then it’s a straight run for you. See if that’s any better for you. That’s the only thing I can suggest to you at this time.

Commissioners serve us, not Trump

In reference to the New York Times, I would like to say that Citrus County is not what Donald Trump wants. It’s what the people want. The county commissioners had no right. They were put in office by the people, for the people. Did they forget that? Well, elections are coming. Good luck, county commissioners.

Why did Shell station close?

Can anyone tell me why the Shell station in Citrus Springs has closed? Also, are we getting a new one? If so, when?

How about a performance poll?

Chronicle: How about one of your opinion polls for the performance of the board of county commissioners of Citrus County? I, for one, would like to know how they stack up against the Citrus County Library System that is a rating of 4.4 stars. Taxpayer of 45 years.

Slow drivers cause accidents

As far as some of the tailgaters go, it’s a shame. Someone like myself might be driving down the road doing the speed limit, then you get someone in front of you going 10 or 15 miles under the speed limit and they refuse to move over. Tailgating is not the answer, but you’re not afforded the opportunity to pass them because there’s too much traffic to the right or left. They are so stubborn and deliberate and they feel they own that road. That is some of the reason for why we do have tailgaters and they do cause accidents. They get in lanes and do not want to do the speed limit and go under the speed limit. There also are accidents at fault because of them.

Put traffic light at YMCA

People keep writing in regards to putting a traffic light on the corner of (County Road) 491 and (State Road) 200. What about coming out of the Y? When you go to make a left-hand turn, there’s just an accident waiting to happen. So, I’m making a plea: Please, commissioners, let’s consider putting a traffic light when you are exiting out of the Y. I think it would be so much more beneficial than (C.R.) 491 and (S.R.) 200. Have a blessed day.

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To the person saying they want a street light at the Y. If you got the patience, you can make a left turn. But having a traffic light at 491 and 200 is needed because 491 is at an angle which is dangerous since vehicles go 50-60 miles an hour plus you got that slight hill to your right (can't see cars) and to your left people going to the right turn lane which can block your view of upcoming vehicles. Accidents have happened! I'd sooner have a light there than at the Y on 486.

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