Coutu best county employee

I’m calling in regards to the (Thursday, June 25, 2020, front-page story) “Board knocks Smith column.” Smith is wrong. Joanna Coutu is the best employee the county has. I had dealt with her many years ago. She is excellent. She is willing to help and give you all the knowledge that she has ... I suggest all of the county commissioners go out on the internet and look for the federal law called the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act passed by Congress in 1968. Joanna Coutu knows that law and she’s abiding by it. She’s not putting restrictions onto any developer. The developers are supposed to actually get away with what they can. ... So don’t go out knocking Joanna Coutu. She’s the best the county has. She’s very knowledgeable.

We all stand behind the flag

I’m calling about the article of June 25 about a gentleman by the name of Peter Nickerson of Sugarmill Woods that put the flags out in his yard (the front-page story, “Not shy about letting flags fly,” “Local neighborhood embraces patriotic spirit with large flag displays”). I think that’s just really something special and I think it’s nice that he is sharing this with his neighbors and that his neighbors are doing it and other people are doing it. This really shows that we all stand behind our flag. My husband is a 25-year veteran from the military, so the flag means a lot to us, too. But, Mr. Nickerson, you just did a dynamic job and my hat’s off to you. Keep up the good work over there where you live, OK? I hope this spreads and other people will do this.

Increased water restrictions

(Re the Monday, June 29, 2020, Page A3 story, “County rolls out watering schedule”): I see in this morning’s paper they’ve imposed stricter rules on when I can water my lawn. What I didn’t see was any increased restrictions on the companies that are bottling our water and selling it for a profit.

Funding to finish road

Interesting point (in) June 29’s Sound Off, “US 19 construction almost killed me.” Maybe we could get some state funding or U.S. funding or something to increase the production on U.S. 19. Seriously, we’re going to need evacuation routes and with U.S. 19 in that condition, we’re in big trouble.

What’s the contract say?

Today is June 29 and I see in the Sound Off a call that was about the U.S. 19 construction. Somebody was complaining that, you know, he almost got killed driving that route. That construction has been going on way too long and if the Chronicle would be willing to get their hands on the copy of the contract that was awarded for that work, I promise to write a complete critique of the contract. If there’s nothing wrong with it, I will say so. But at the same time, which is if the contract is full of holes or is a lousy contract written by a moron, I will state so. I’m qualified to do that. So go ahead, Chronicle, get a copy of the contract and publish it so we can all see what it’s all about. I’d like to see the required start date, required completion date, any modifications to the contract — you know, so on and so forth. Go ahead, get a copy and publish it. We all want to see it.

Start school after Labor Day

The Citrus County Board of Education should give a hard look at starting school after Labor Day rather than in August. This would give them more time to plan for the opening and to see where the virus stands.

Where is the protection?

Adding to the mask confusion: When you go to the DMV in Crystal River, you are screened before entering, which protects the employees. Once inside the DMV, the employees are not wearing a mask. So where is our protection? I would think that the county employees dealing with the public would have to wear a mask.

Only one bottle allowed

I went to (a drugstore) today. All I wanted was a bottle of peroxide. They had a whole counter full of peroxide. I wanted to buy two, but guess what? They limited it to one bottle of peroxide. Meanwhile, they’ve got all those bottles sitting there. All I wanted to do was buy an extra one. Now you can’t even get more than one bottle of peroxide.

Scallop season doesn’t look good

Out in the Gulf today looking around, the scallop season’s not going to be that good. Here’s an idea of kicking the can down the road: The bed tax could be applied with a grant or matching funds from FWC and pay the shrimpers who catch scallops as a by-catch in the deep water to allow them to come in and dump them in grass-bed areas after this season’s over so that you could prepare for next year and probably have a better harvest. It’s just an idea.