Good Samaritans appreciated

On Thursday (Feb. 6), I pulled a stupid trick that many people do by thinking I had enough gas to get to one more gas station. As it turned out, I didn’t. My car stalled at 5 p.m. on eastbound (State Road) 44, right at the intersection of (S.R.) 44 and Independence Highway. Needless to say, traffic piled up behind me. Fortunately, several people jumped out of their cars, gave me a push and steered me into the parking lot of a local jewelry store. Even the manager from the jewelry store came out to help. After all was settled and I was in a parking place, the manager of the jewelry store handed me his cellphone and said, “Do what you need to do.” I called the AAA. A gentleman arrived with gas and even followed me to the gas station. I really appreciate all of the people — none of whom left their names — who became the good Samaritans for the afternoon. And I especially appreciate the way the staff at the jewelry store responded and helped out. I guess there are still those who are concerned for others. Thanks to them, nothing untoward really happened.

That’s the law, accept it

I’m responding to the (Feb. 10) Sound Off, “Market needs more handicapped parking,” where the person said there wasn’t enough, that there was only two spaces and two across the street. First of all, Florida law says one handicapped space for each 25 regular parking spaces. Now I am handicapped and if there’s not enough handicapped (spaces), there’s not enough. They do not owe us the world because we’re handicapped. But that is the law — again, I repeat — one parking space for every 25 spaces. So instead of getting annoyed, you’re just going to have to drive around until you can find a space and then go look around. Otherwise, that’s the only solution. But the world or the government does not owe everyone here a handicapped parking space, because then what about the other people? That’s being selfish. Where are they going to park? That’s the law, so just accept it and move forward and quit complaining about handicapped spaces.

I’d have to drive to the bus stop

I live near Applebee’s in Inverness. In regards to the public bus discussion: I would like to ride the bus and avoid all the heavy traffic on our roads, but I would have to drive to the bus stop, so I might just as well drive on to my destination.

Set up residence in a travel-trailer

At (a liquor store), it appears as though that all you have to do is back in a travel-trailer and then set up residence. That’s kind of neat.

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