Sound OFF

Taxation without representation

I’m calling about the (Monday, Feb. 22, 2021, front-page) article on the sewer system that Crystal River is trying to put through. I live in Aero Estates. We just put in new, updated septic tanks. We’re not allowed to vote for representatives in Crystal River because we’re in the county, but we’re outside of Crystal River, the city. And I feel that is taxation without representation and I don’t think it’s right, according to our Constitution. If they want us to be part of the city, then we need to be able to vote for city election officials.

Suggestion for the water police

On Feb. 22, there was an article in the paper titled, “Septic-to-sewer project (moving forward).” It said septic tanks contribute up to 42% of nitrogen pollution to our bays and lakes. Where is the other 58% pollution coming from? I suggest that the water police correct the 58% before making the people with septic tanks in the area bear any cost of changing to sewers.

A lack of professionalism

This is in reference to Monday, Feb. 22’s Sound Off wherein the caller wrote there is trouble getting phone calls returned. I totally agree with you. Since moving to Citrus County, there seems to be a lack of concern on the part of companies, business owners, handymen, etc., as they either don’t return phone calls or they don’t show up when they are supposed to come to your house. I even had one professional company tell me, after speaking with them earlier in the day, that they forgot and they put me down for a different date. I just can’t understand their lack of professionalism. Here we are, waiting and waiting and waiting, and nobody shows up. It’s not like that in other parts. I can attest to that. Somehow, people just don’t care.

Take down the political signs

In reference to all these political signs all over the city everywhere I go, anywhere down here in Florida: I’ve never lived in a place where political signs were allowed to be shown after 30 days after an election. They’re everywhere. They’re beyond belief — a mess, torn apart and rude, actually. So it’s time everybody got over (it) and quit leaving all that junk flying everywhere. .. I’m sick of it and so is everybody else, plus it makes the town look so shabby. I appreciate you listening to me and I hope this hits the newspaper, because you really should clean up the town. Enough is enough.

Thanks for the Hiaasen column

Thank you very much for including Carl Hiaasen’s columns in your Sunday paper. His work is very enjoyable.

Hire people to collect trash

You know, the county commissioners are trying so hard to find a place to spend the CARES money that they’ve gotten from Washington, D.C. Maybe the commissioners should read Sound Off and look at all of the complaints about the litter and the trash along our highways and byways. They should partner with some organization, nonprofit or for profit, in Citrus County who could hire many unemployed and/or homeless people to collect the trash that is so unsightly. This would solve several problems with one stroke. Think about it.

Mullet Hole boat ramp horrible idea

It is shameful that Crystal River officials are (using) pandemic emergency funds to build the boondoggle known as the King’s Bay Riverwalk, but now it gets even worse. As part of this project, they plan to close the Third Avenue boat ramp and build a new one at Mullet Hole in Crystal River Preserve State Park — the key word being “Preserve.” The preserve is a place for quiet, passive recreations of bird watching, walking, kayaking and fishing. It is not a place to launch noisy, gas-powered boats. Have you seen Homosassa during scallop season? It’s a noisy, horrible pandemonium of pickup trucks and boat trailers. This is what the city officials want to do to this quiet gem, which (will) absolutely ruin it. I’m sure they chose this site because it’s low-hanging fruit — it’s already owned by the public — rather than actually having to find a suitable site and buy it. This county already has 23 boat ramps, several of them within a mile or so of Mullet Hole. Citizens need to emphatically say “no” to this horrible idea and save Mullet Hole.

Maybe it’s a lack of refrigeration

To the folks complaining because your doctor isn’t able to get the COVID vaccine: Possibly they do not have the super-cold-refrigeration requirements to store the vaccine.