Thanks airboaters for the help

Just wanted to leave a thank-you message for the group of airboaters that helped me Saturday (Nov. 30) when I had fallen in my boat and couldn’t stand up. These guys were going by and stopped and gave me some tremendous and much-appreciated help and I wanted to be sure that they knew we appreciated it and thank them for it.

Officials stonewall every new business

What another waste of space in the Chronicle in regards to Mr. Damato’s take on business development (Sunday, Dec. 1). The problem with business development in this county is our commissioners and city officials stonewall every new business that wants to come in — of course, unless you’re one of the good-ol’ boys. I always said that if you keep people unemployed and underpaid, you can fill their heads full of pipedreams.

Sheriff not controlling traffic

I’d sure like to say the sheriff’s department has done a wonderful job of controlling traffic out here this holiday weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t. As usual, it sucks driving in this county and you’re taking your life into your hands. Just driving through Crystal River now and I’m doing the speed limit and people are passing me by like I’m standing still. So you keep up the bad work, sheriff.

Picnic tables available near Chaz

Tell the lady regarding the picnic table that there’s several for sale on the side of U.S. 19, just north of the Miss Maggie intersection.

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