Sound OFF

What were commissioners thinking?

I had to laugh out loud over the Sunday article regarding the increase in garbage at curbside pick-up (the Aug. 2, 2020, front-page story, “Local waste piles up,” “As residents tidy up homes, garbage haulers, landfill seeing more activity”). What did the commissioners think would happen when they closed all of the remote recycling stations?

I want more figures

I’m calling about Gerry (Mulligan’s) article in the “Out the Window” yesterday about facts matter (on Sunday, Aug. 2, 2020, Commentary Section B’s front page). And I’ll follow up on an earlier Sound Off call that didn’t make the paper to say we need some more facts to truly evaluate the coronavirus figures. I’d like to see the number of people tested so far and every day. That’s the only way you can evaluate how many are testing positive as a percentage. And I’d like to see how many of the 121 in the hospital have been released. I’m sure the person that went in the hospital back on April 1 is gone, either passed or recovered. So how about letting us know how many have been recovered and they’re now out of the hospital and only the new ones that are going in and the total of what’s still there? Then we can see what has recovered or who has died. Wouldn’t that be nice? Have fun. Look for those numbers in the Chronicle.

Give your dog tepid water

I’m calling about the Sound Off that’s in the paper today about giving your dogs cold water (Aug. 3, 2020, titled “It’s hot, keep pets inside”). Do not give your dogs cold water. Give them tepid water. Cold water works just the opposite of what you think. You think the cold water’s going to cool them off and it doesn’t. It makes them worse. Just give them tepid water and they’ll be fine. That’s what I give my dog because I used to give her cold water until I read where it said do not give them cold water. So please don’t give your dogs cold water, OK? And keep them out of the sun and keep them in the house where it’s air conditioned.

Your mask protects me

II’m calling in about somebody in the last couple days who called Sound Off about that it’s none of my business if they don’t wear a mask. I don’t think that person understands that wearing a mask is not to protect him — he can do whatever he wants as far as his own health — but that mask is on him to protect me and that not wearing that mask is the same thing as doing a physical assault on me when he breathes his virus germs all over me.

No more property taxes

I can’t believe the people that run this county — the commissioners and Mr. (Randy) Oliver — are planning to raise our property taxes. This is not the time to raise property taxes. As you know, most people in this county are either on retirement money or are blue-collar workers. A lot of people have been laid off and are struggling to pay their bills — food, electric and otherwise. Even Duke Energy gave people in the county a break on their electric bills, but now the county wants to raise property taxes. There are other ways to get money. One would be to collect money from these hundreds of people who haven’t paid their taxes. The other way would be to cut expenses. There are a lot of superfluous projects that could be cut. So you need to look at other ways to get money rather than raising the property taxes on the people that can least afford to pay an increase in property taxes. That’s about all I have to say at this time and I hope you will reconsider this issue because many people are hurting right now.

Keep kids home and healthy

I was bedridden during first grade for four or five months with rheumatic fever and had to repeat that grade. No one ever teased me about it. I blended right in with all students. Keep your kids home and healthy and alive.

Traffic signal needed

A traffic light is desperately needed at Crystal Oaks Drive and (State Road) 44. You cannot make a left turn there to get out into the middle because the cars are coming at you. And then to go left, the cars are coming at you from the right, from Inverness or wherever. It’s very, very difficult to get out of Crystal Oaks Drive onto Gulf-to-Lakes Highway and it’s very, very dangerous.

The arrows serve a purpose

I love the person complaining that the arrows on the floor at the grocery stores are too hard to follow. Possibly they could get him a service dog to help him figure out which way to go. Also, he was saying that these arrows are stupid. I guess he doesn’t understand the idea is to keep people separated from one another so they’re not passing each other in the aisles and breathing in each other’s air. But once again, I think that service dog may work out for him.