Motorcycle cops a great idea

This is Stat Cop calling and seeing how everybody’s doing in these severely bad times. I hope everybody has their head up and is doing what they need to be doing to get this virus out of our area or property. Anyway, a gentleman called in the other day asking about using a motorcyclist for traffic enforcement. I think that’s a great idea, but I don’t know whether motorcycles are used for that or not. ... He should call the sheriff’s office and ask to speak to the major, which is Maj. Justin Ferrara, at 352-726-4488. He may be able to help fill you in with information. You all be careful and be safe. Stay inside.

That’s a lot of landscaping

I don’t know if any of the other residents along (U.S.) 98 heading towards the new addition have seen the incredible amount of landscaping that’s going on in the median. I mean, it is amazing. I don’t know how they’re going to upkeep that. I have landscaping and I can’t keep all the weeds out of it. I just am amazed the state would put that kind in — even if it is the state. But as you drive along (U.S.) 98 coming from (U.S.) 19 to the new addition, just take a look at how much landscaping is in the median. I don’t know any other part of Citrus County that has that much landscaping.

Thanks for the rain

I would like to thank my husband for the beautiful rain we had Sunday. Three days prior, he washed the car and made the comment, “It hasn’t rained in two months, but I’m sure it will now.” Also, wrap your brain around this: Four years to put in 18 miles of road and four years to put in two miles on (U.S.) 19.