More uneducated people need on editorial board

(Re Sunday, May 8’s Page C1, “Murphy’s Law” column, titled, “Role of Editorial Board is to make you think”): Yeah, Ms. Murphy, me again. Why not get some uneducated people on your panel? ... How about people that haven’t lived here that long, like maybe just four to eight years? Get some newcomers’ opinions of what’s going on in the county. It seems to me like the group of you guys are a bunch of what I call elitists. I’m not saying they weren’t so-called good people and they volunteer a lot, but how about some non-volunteer people, people who are just working? See what you can do with that. That’s my idea.

Disgusted by animal abuse

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(Re Tuesday, May 10’s Page A3 story, “Dog breeder arrested again for animal cruelty”): I think if I read one more story about some lowlife, nasty person that abuses animals. ... I’m going to notify every news channel in the vicinity of where we live and then some, because we did make it a felony and no one ever gets jail time. You never hear of them getting fined and what they are doing is criminal. It’s just a sin against God, I swear. I’m so disgusted with people abusing animals in this county. Done!

Money should go toward road paving 

(Re Wednesday, May 11’s front-page story, “County accepts $6.5M bid for Betz Farm.”) Another perfect example of you can’t fix stupid: Going to take the money from the sale of Betz Farm and put it towards an animal shelter when this county is in desperate need of having streets paved.

I don't want to live in Tampa

(Re Wednesday, May 11’s front-page story, “County accepts $6.5M bid for Betz Farm”): Really, 1,540 homes on 350 acres? If we want to live in Tampa, we’ll move there.

Everyone needs to be heard

In regards to the controversy going on with the library board (see Wednesday, May 11, Page A2, “Also during council’s meeting”): I would just like to say that I have my own personal feelings involved with this. By keeping an open mind, I think a huge (injustice) was done by not hearing the 39 people that applied for those positions. Regardless of your opinion or what you may think, everybody needs to be heard. That’s just the way of the democratic right way of government and everything else and if the 39 people applied, their voices should have been heard. They should have been able to present their case and then a decision made, rather than having the decision made right off the bat and throwing away all those people and their time. So I just think it was a huge disservice to our government and to the people. Whether you agree, one way or the other, doesn’t matter here. They should have been heard and those who took it upon themselves to bypass that, they should have repercussions from that.

Editor's note: Any of the 39 applicants who wanted to speak before the commission had that opportunity. Some spoke, some did not.

Put up a new sign

I’m calling about Pine Hill and Oak Ridge cemeteries in Inverness. I think it’s great that Pine Hill Cemetery has a nice, new, large sign earlier this year and now they have additional signs installed. But what I want to know is what did they have to do to get them? When my daughter died and was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in 1997, there was a large sign on the corner of Hill Street and, I believe it was, Seminole that said, “Oak Ridge Cemetery.” It was taken down years later and never put back. I’ve called many times over the years, to no avail. My older daughter has also called. Nobody on the city council seems to know anything about the sign. I even went to a city council meeting to see if the sign could be replaced. Hasn’t happened. Nobody seems to know anything about it. I ran into a city council member about a month ago and asked what was going on with the sign. Someone was supposed to get back to me. He said the city doesn’t own it; the county does. Well, imagine my surprise when I saw in the paper yesterday, May 10, the city does own it (see Page A3’s story, “Inverness cemetery breaks even after decades of losses”). So why can’t they put up a new sign?

A solution for formula shortage

(Re Wednesday, May 11’s Page A6 story, “Parents hunting for baby formula as shortage grows across U.S.”): Many, many years ago, when my first baby was born, I tried nursing him, but that didn’t work because my milk had turned to “blue John.” I called my doctor and he said to use PET Milk or Carnation Milk mixed with Karo Syrup. Best sleep both of us had.

Police shouldn't be litter patrol

I called about the waterproof water tower. Anyway, today’s call regards (Wednesday, May 11’s Page A9 Sound Off, “Fix the) litter problem.” So let’s say, for instance, yes, there’s five cops going through garbage. After three hours, “Hey, I’ve got an address here for Joe Blow on First Street.” So they go there and, “No, Joe hasn’t lived here for three months, but someone just took all his garbage and threw it all on the street.” Oh, OK, so how many hours did you blow there? Come on. If you see somebody throw something out, get a license plate (number) maybe. Or if you can get them to look up from their cellphone, tell them to pick up their garbage. But to use police for that? You’ve got to be kidding. Have a nice day.

The spam calls have started

Today is May 11 and it’s already started — the spam calls. Yesterday we got over a dozen of them. Be careful, though, because they’re telling you they’re from the government, they’re from the IRS or from a medical something or other, and it’s all nonsense. It’s people that could be making a living honestly, but they’d rather sit and earn it through stealing from other people. Be aware and do not give them any information.

Turn arrows needed

Could someone please explain to me why there are no turn arrows at (U.S.) 41 and (County Road) 491? This is totally ridiculous.

We're no longer the Nature Coast

I’m calling today to say that I completely agree with many of the other messages in the Sound Off about this no longer being the Nature Coast. I cannot believe our county officials allowed the development they have in this beautiful, quaint coastal town! One example is the new RV park. I’m a camper, and I have never been to an RV park that didn’t have one tree. I can’t believe they came in and wiped out all that natural flora and fauna and it’s just a dirt bowl right now. And what about putting up a darn car wash on the corner of one of the main sections of our town? Unbelievable what our county officials are doing to this beautiful area!

Home insurance skyrocketing 

How about a “Hot Corner” on this house insurance? My house insurance went up $700. Never filed a claim, never had a problem and now they want $700 more for less insurance than we had last year.

Bring back the fishing reports 

I’m calling about why you don’t have the fishing reports from the different bait shops around Citrus County like you had for the last 20 years. There are a lot of men and women that enjoy fishing in this county and spend a lot of money and it was very helpful to have those reports. Please try to put it back in the paper. Thank you.

Celebrate a blood donor

My husband gave 206 units of blood in 45 years. Thank you for letting me tell you.

What about the bond?

Our commissioners want to raise the taxes in Citrus County for roads. The D.A.B. bond people, ain’t they supposed to be taking care of the roads that D.A.B. didn’t take care of? I would think so. The bond should cover that. It’s just a question I’d like to know the answer to.

Try living on $1,000 a month 

I’d like to challenge any government official to live on $1,000 a month and make it. Let’s see what kind of education they got. I guess maybe I’m doing better than they are, but I got disability. Come on and get some. Love you all.