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Thank you, we will pay it forward

I would like to thank the person that paid for my dinner at Wendy’s – this was Saturday evening (June 25) – and I promise I will pay it forward and thank you so much for buying me and my husband our dinner. Thank you again, Mrs. Jones.

No one is really listening

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(Re the Sunday, June 26, front-page story): “Audubon says no to turnpike extension,” and so do I and many of my neighbors, but do you think anybody is listening? I really don’t think so.

No horoscopes again this Sunday

Here we go again. Where are the horoscopes in Sunday’s paper (June 26)? Why do you print them every day except Sunday? Is it for religious reasons or something? I never heard of such a thing. This is like three weeks in a row now – a month, even – so please put them back in on Sunday, Chronicle.

Editor’s Note: They were on Page A4 of the Sunday, June 26, edition.

Use same-size map of proposed turnpike

As to your turnpike map Page A4 (Sunday, June 26), all the homeowners north in Citrus, Inverness past Dunnellon, might want to see how it may or may not affect us. How about putting the same-size map of the area stated? Thank you, a homeowner.

It’s nice to know kids are safe

I read the “Other Voices” article by Capt. Troy Hess in Sunday’s Chronicle (June 26, Page C1, titled, “CCSO School Resource program committed to safety”). After reading that, I feel very reassured that my children are safe in attending Citrus County schools. I think the SRDs do an excellent job. The FOCUS programs, Teen Drivers Challenge and “Shop with a Cop” programs are also wonderful. And after the recent tragic school shootings, it is good to know the extensive training the SRDs and school staff are receiving to ensure they are well prepared to protect the students in case there is such a threat to their safety while at school. Thank you, Capt. Hess, for keeping the public informed about the steps that are being taken for the welfare of our children, and thank you to the CCSO for their efforts. They are very much appreciated.

No one has any new ideas

As I read the editorial today in Sunday’s paper (June 26, Page C2), it’s about “‘No how, now way’ commissioner says to sheriff,” and then you have the conversation, “Compromise is not a dirty word.” The trouble is, people know that they can do whatever they want…You have such people that have one idea and that’s what it’s going to be for the country, and that’s what it is in Citrus County. You elect the same people over and over – maybe one different person – and they’ve all got the same idea. You have no new ideas. You have the same people coming around. As I’ve said, all we’re doing is rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

This isn’t the Army

I agree with the people who wrote in on June 26, Sunday’s paper about Mr. Prendergast (Page C2’s “Hot Corner – Sheriff Prendergast”)…He may act good, in good faith, but this is not the Army, military or whatever else he worked for. We’re ordinary citizens in Citrus County. We make mistakes…

Costs of food prohibit bake sales

I’m responding to (the Sunday, June 26, Page C2) Sound Off, “Bring back bake sales,” where the person says the churches used to raise them for charity and raise lots of money. Really? You think that with prices today, people are going to bake stuff to donate? Not going to happen. Have you seen the price of eggs, the price of milk? It’s not going to happen. Prices are way too high.

Letter writer really made her points

(Re the June 26, Page C3, letter to the editor): I just wanted to thank and congratulate Bonnie Pike for the great article she wrote in Sunday’s paper, “We have right to free thought” and free speech. If more people on the left or right would read that and understand it, we’d be a lot better off. Thank you so much, Bonnie.

Giant step backward

Is there any way possible we can get another cable provider in this county? We definitely need one. This week I received new equipment…What do I get? A separate router and a separate modem, which was previously handled with one device. Now I have two devices. What a giant step backward.

Quit ‘word wandering’

I notice in the Sound Off that the people who contact it usually use “word wandering.” In other words, they use about two-thirds more words than it would take to say the very same thing.

Who do we call to tell folks to stop fireworks?

What number do you call when you have neighbors shoot off fireworks the first second third of July 1, 2, and 3, from 6 p.m. until 10 to 11 p.m., to have someone come and tell them to stop?