Sound OFF

Do your homework

I’m responding in Sound Off to (the Friday, Sept. 11, 2020, front-page story), “Representatives from Citrus County express concern over funding requests” with the MPO and this is back in 2014 when you were invited to join. When you’re invited to join something, Mr. Kitchen and all the commissioners, why didn’t you say, “Let me look into this and do my homework”? Why don’t you dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s and really look into what you were getting into? Apparently, not listening and not doing your homework is not the right thing to do. You need to listen, look into it, look at all the details and then base your decision on that. So, apparently you guys, the commissioners, did not do your homework.

Drop the tax rate

I’m responding in Sound Off to the (Friday, Sept. 11, 2020, front-page story), “Board backs budget, keeps tax rate the same,” where they’re going to increase us a 3.4% tax increase. No, totally disagree with it. It should not even happen, not even close. Why don’t you take some of the school resource money that they have left over from last year when they closed the schools early? They didn’t pay for electric or air-conditioning. There’s some excess money there. Take it from there. Give it to the Citrus County residents and drop the tax rate. Raising it for us is not the answer because at the end of the year — November, when you’re going to put that thick pile of newspaper out — how many people are delinquent in their taxes? So, what, you’re going to raise taxes again so we can make up the deficit because you failed to go out and collect the taxes and go after these people for not paying their taxes? We should not be liable for your mistakes.

Traffic both ways in the market

In reference to all the aisle police about going up and down the wrong aisles: Have you noticed the stores picked up the arrows from their aisles? Now there’s traffic going both ways. Are you aware of that? I love it.

Amusing opposites

My usual morning coffee and chuckle: Opinion Writer A is loudly demanding that the Chronicle fact check Opinion Writer B for wild untruths and hate-filled tirades while as Writer A, in my humble opinion, has (comments) full of his own wild untruths printed. Let’s call them opposites.

We need bail reform

We seriously need bail reform here in Citrus County. I’m reading “For the Record.” They arrested a DUI at 0.216, which is (almost) three times higher than the limit. He was speeding, failing to maintain the lane of traffic, failed the test and his bond was set at $1,000. So this speed demon gets out on a $100 bond. What do you want to do — wait until he kills somebody before deciding to put higher bonds? The bails need to be higher.