Applaud kindness to critters

This is in reference to Sunday, June 21, Sound Off wherein a person wrote, “Watch out for wildlife” (Page B4). I am in total agreement with what the person wrote about being careful and cautious for the turtles and the deer. I was in the car with a friend of mine and a turtle was in the street and she got out of the car and got that turtle to safety. So I applaud her and I applaud anyone who will be kind to the turtles and the deer and whatever else, whatever wildlife is present.

Now that’s a wonderful idea

(Re the June 25, 2020, Sound Off, “We need Junk Stoppers”): Junk Stoppers is a wonderful idea — I agree, staying anonymous. Some junkyard families are not so kind when reported for code violations and no permits on their property. In our subdivision, too, is an ongoing “no permits for additions” and junkyard family. We have to look at it every day.

Homosassa fireworks still happening

Could someone please tell me it isn’t true? I’ve been told that Crystal River and Inverness canceled their fireworks display in the interests of public health, but Homosassa’s decided to go with an all-day event ending with fireworks. It’d be truly sad if this is true.

Editor’s note: It’s true.

Signal will bring more accidents

I’m calling Sound Off in reference to now that they passed a traffic light for (State Road) 200 and (County Road) 491 there, congratulations to all you people who wanted a light. Now after the light’s installed, let’s see how many traffic accidents are going to be at that intersection with that traffic light. I’ll bet you there’s going to be a whole lot of accidents. Let’s wait and see.

Unemployment claims have been disastrous

My comments are about the DEO for unemployment claims. That has been disastrous for filing claims long before the pandemic. The site would boot you out, or, if you made a phone call, it would be dropped after waiting on hold for over an hour. Now, magnify that by the extreme number of people trying to apply for benefits. And I have a question: The feds are giving an additional $600 for claimants. That’s more than double the maximum benefit. Most workers in this county would not qualify for max benefits based on their earnings. And yet we applaud our essential workers — the ones that stock our shelves, check out our groceries, work the gas stations — and they put themselves at risk. I’m certain that they would be happy to be rewarded with the free cheese that the government is handing out. It would be nice to have a raise in pay for them. That $600 is more than they work for.