Coyotes howl in Sugarmill Woods

Last evening (Dec. 3), at approximately 11:45, I heard a terrible howling. It was coyotes. They were right near the golf course at Sugarmill Woods, which is inhabited. There must have been at least six of them, by the sounds of the noise and screeching. If you live in that area and have cats or dogs, keep your cats in and keeps your dogs leashed at all times when you take them out because these animals are not afraid of people. They’re vicious.

Deal with the inconvenience

I’m responding to the (Dec. 4) Sound Off, “Doesn’t like the U.S. 19 median.” Well, sorry you don’t like the median and it’s such an inconvenience to you. How about all the other people who were inconvenienced when other things were blocked on their end of the road up on (U.S.) 19 and they had to turn around? So you have to learn to deal with it and deal with a little inconvenience on your part until whatever’s being done is done. So just deal with it, accept it and move on.

Almost nobody wants county growth

The Secretary General of the U.N. just said the earth is at a turning point of no return for reversing climate change. Citrus County is paying no attention to the warning. The county is cutting down as many trees and building as many roads as possible in the name of “smart growth” to build on a “sweet spot” created in broad daylight along the highway. Almost nobody wants the growth except for commissioners and a few builders and developers. Their financial gains should not overrule the will of the people. Put it to a vote.

Citrus Springs Christmas lights a disgrace

I’ve lived in Citrus Springs over 31 years. I’ve never seen such a disgrace of Christmas displays on the telephone poles going up the boulevard. They look like they spent $15 on these things. They don’t light up. They’re all tangled up. It’s a disgrace. Whoever came up with this idea, it’s no good. Take them down. ... I was driving down Citrus Springs the other day on the boulevard and I’m taking a look at these displays that are hanging off the telephone poles. These things are so tiny, they must have spent $1 each on them. They’re all tangled up in the wires. I have never seen anything so ridiculous. They should just take them down. It’s really, really funny. I don’t know who spent the money on this thing, but it was a big waste. I can’t believe that parks and recreation in Citrus County gave us such little, little things. Sorry to see it.

Put that hot air to good use

I would like to make a suggestion: I think the Citrus County clowns should blow up all the balloons for the Christmas parades because they sure have a lot of hot air. I think that the Citrus County clowns should have a hot-air balloon in the Christmas parade. All they’d have to do is have one of them hot-air meetings that they have. That would make it float. It would be a cheap operation to have plenty of hot air to make the balloon float right down the parade.

Thanks go to the road maintenance crew

Hey, a big shout-out to the county road maintenance crew who have trimmed all the overgrown palm fronds along Maylan Avenue in Lecanto. I guess the work was completed to coincide with the new gas line which was recently installed. Anyway, great job, guys. It really makes a big difference driving that stretch between Horace Allen Street and West Sanction Road to have those limbs taken down. Thanks a bunch. Merry Christmas.

Beware of phone scammers

I just want to make a lot of the people aware that scammers are calling for all different things — they’re saying the police department, the state troopers, the firefighters — and it’s usually a live person trying to get a donation from you. I checked with all these departments. They do not solicit calls for donations. So the scammers are out using that as an excuse. Just hang up.

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