Deputies not doing their jobs

Somebody wrote in (the Nov. 6 Sound Off) “Maybe we need a city police force.” I don’t think the problem is that we don’t have enough deputies. I think the problem is that the deputies we have don’t do their job. They sit side by side, talking through the window, and people run stop signs, they speed, but they can’t stop their conversation long enough to chase them down and do their job.

Cuban restaurant a better fit

This Sound Off’s about the McDonald’s at U.S. 19 and Miss Maggie Drive. I think a restaurant that sells Cuban sandwiches and deviled crabs and garbanzo bean soup would be a better fit than McDonald’s. If you never experienced that, you don’t belong in Florida. We don’t need a McDonald’s. We need a real restaurant. One you can sit down in and have a meal with your neighbors. And I’m tired of the people with the New York Times; subscribe to it yourself.

Service lacking in county

This is so common in Citrus County: Called three different contractors to give me an estimate of replacing my bathroom floor. All said they would call to make an appointment to come look at it. Only one called and came. This is so common of the service in Citrus County.

Senior Tour appreciated

I just want to say thanks to the Chronicle for the Senior Tour that I went on yesterday. It was gratefully appreciated. It was very helpful and thanks to all those that put it together. Absolute Law Group, Hospice and the various places that we visited answered a lot of my questions. I was grateful for the opportunity to go and I want to thank all those that put it together and especially thank the bus driver.

Be positive, like a dog

This is for the cruel person that said dogs are dirty, disgusting, disease-carrying creatures: I happen to have four beautiful such creatures. My lawn is so green it shines. They don’t spread colds, flu, HIV, hepatitis or Ebola, like humans do. In fact, in all of my 68 years, I know of no one that has caught anything from a dog. As far as the dump goes, there is more human poison crap in there than anything. Why don’t you try being sweet, kind, gentle and positive like a dog? Your anger would disappear.

Signal would improve safety

I live in Citrus Springs and I am in agreement that we need a light on (State Road) 200 and (County Road) 491 for our safety and because of the heavy traffic coming from each direction — Beverly Hills and coming home from Ocala and people coming from Hernando and Inverness who all want to go to Ocala. It would be much safer than even turning left on (County Road) 39, so we would appreciate it. And I like Mr. Mulligan’s comments on Sundays and I agree with him.

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