How much money did library sale make?

Does anyone know how much money the October Friends of the Library book sale made in Inverness? They did such a fantastic job. The community should know how much money they got. Hope it’s a lot. We need to know how much money they made.

Interesting animal photograph

In the Discover magazine that the Chronicle recently sent out, there is an interesting animal photograph on Page F64. I’m not sure what the donkey is doing, but the zebra looks like he’s enjoying it.

Need moderate income apartments

(Re the Nov. 7 front-page story, “Inverness affordable housing project underway”): I’m calling about today’s article in the Chronicle regarding the new, over-100-unit apartment house being built in Citrus County for people who are subsidized. Well, my opinion is, as a homeowner of a modest home — and I can’t take care of it anymore because I’m elderly and I don’t have a load of money — I’d like to see if someone would build an apartment house for seniors with moderate income. Every time I ask, they say, “Do you own a house?” I say, “Yes.” They say, “You don’t qualify,” and hang up. Well, what about us — the middle-class, middle-class people? We need a place to live, too. Think about that, you builders and developers.

The cats are in my yard

I’m calling in regards to (the Nov. 7 Sound Off) “I see cats, but not a lot of them.” Well, I am the lady that called that in and I’m going to tell something to that person: The reason you don’t see the cats, too many of them, is because they’re in my yard. They jump over my fence and they come sleep on my lawn furniture and they’re tearing it up and I don’t appreciate it.

Bill went up, not down

There was an item on the cable portion of my bill for $12 a month — some channels we didn’t watch — so I called them up and deleted the item, expecting to get my bill reduced $12 a month. My bill came; it went up $7.50. Thanks for nothing ...

Where is the Thanksgiving holiday?

I was wondering if someone could tell me what happened to this holiday that was between Halloween and Christmas. I think it might have been called Thanksgiving. It just seems like it’s not around anymore. You go in stores and on TV and all you see is Christmas. If someone could let me know where it went, I’d appreciate it.

No to dogs in shopping carts

Just wondering, why won’t the state deal with the filth of people bringing dogs into grocery stores and putting them in their shopping carts? I just talked to folks in one of our local stores and all they say is it’s OK if people have some barrier in the cart to keep the dog away. So now people are putting dog blankets and bedding material in the shopping carts we use to put our food in. This is so disgusting. Often, the bedding material is more filthy than the dog, having all kinds of parasites on it, hair, fleas and probably fecal material. It’s unbelievable that our state refuses to deal with the situation and the stores also. There’s some good ones and some that are just ridiculous and don’t want to offend the filthy people around us.

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The holiday, Thanksgiving, has become so passe. It cannot even start to compare with the money making venture that Christmas has become. Christmas should really be renamed to Cashmas, as that would be much more appropriate.

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