Glad I skipped military service

After reading Monday’s front page (Nov. 11) about two veterans, the first one about retired Chief Warrant Officer Phyllis Wilson makes me kind of wish I joined the Army, Navy or Marines back in the late ’60s instead of going to college to avoid it. It seems like (she) got to travel the world and the best was Italy, “hands down,” and saw parts of the world (she) never would and it was “humbling.” Oh, she was even in Africa and she got to jump out of airplanes and became the highest-ranking Chief Marshal Warrant Officer ever. ... Wow, it sounds great. But then I read about the Marine under it, Cpl. Scottie Williams, who was in Afghanistan and he used some tank machine to run over mines that kept exploding and people kept shooting at him and his brain kept getting shocked by sound waves from explosions and now he’s in a horrible mess and he’s back here in Citrus County and they helped him by building a house. ... Whoa, what a contrast. So I guess I’m glad I passed because I don’t know if it would have been like the Chief Warrant Officer or the younger Marine and I didn’t want to take the chance on it being the bad one’s experience.

Research and facts were appreciated

I want to commend Mike Nielsen, who recently wrote a letter to the editor (Nov. 11) in response to an earlier letter writer who called glyphosate an herbicide that “causes cancer and other maladies.” Unlike so many people who write in with no facts to back them up, Mike did a fair amount of research and concluded that based on over 120 scientific studies, there is “no indication that glyphosate raises the risk of cancer.” If only other people would do their research before spouting off on ridiculous allegations. Based on what Mike presented in his letter, I would call the contention that glyphosate is a carcinogen either false or a full “pants on fire.”

Lions parking problem

(Re the Nov. 12 front-page story, “CR Lions Club says parking area at risk”): I’m calling Sound Off in reference to the parking situation in Crystal River. The club members at the Lions Club where the old train station used to be are saying there’s not a lot of parking where they use a 1. 65 acre lot to sell event parking at $5 a spot and they donate some of the money to local charities and all. So if you know you’re parking has been a problem for some time and apparently it’s not just recent, why didn’t you address this issue when it would have been cheaper to do a parking lot? So if you’re using the field now to park your cars, why can’t you still park your cars there now? So if you need a parking lot, you hold a fundraiser and get the money together and see if you can get donations to build you a parking lot. But if you’re using a vacant lot, that’s enough for me. Park it in a vacant lot.

Letter had factual observations

Responding to Sheila Jacobs’ letter to the editor (Nov. 12, titled, “Caring what others think is important”): I am in total agreement with her. Letter was well written and expressed factual observations. You hear me? Well done.

‘Trump Train’ in parade in poor taste

I took my grandchildren to the Veterans Day Parade. It was great until it was ruined by the “Trump Train.” He wasn’t a veteran, by any means, and we didn’t need that in our lovely parade. Very poor taste. Leave politics out of the Veterans Parade. It’s for our men and women who served this country.

When is the restaurant reopening?

Does anyone know when K.C. Crump is going to be opening again

Be kind in the grocery store

Attention fellow shoppers: When you’re on line and you’ve got $150 or $200 worth of groceries and you see somebody behind you with two or three items in their arms, why don’t you just let them go through? So many times we’ve stood on line waiting for somebody to finish up a big order and I think this is so unkind.

(1) comment

Late Bloomer Boomer

I agree about Trump Train being inappropriate. It should be called PFC Bonespur train.

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